Life Unscripted Reset

We did it! Quite unexpectedly we ended up purchasing a mobile home at Palmdale. I know that sounds crazy; and for a while it felt kind of crazy.  But when things are right, they are right.

We aren’t going to stop traveling; but once we get her cleaned up Serendipity is going on the market and we’re going to take up residence in Texas for a while.

Previously I said we didn’t know how long this was going to take because at first it appeared that we’d have to wait until the first of April to take ownership of the mobile home.  A raft of phone calls later and the previous plans to rent the unit were cancelled and the owner of the park stopped by a few days ago saying, “What can I do to sell you that unit?”

It sounds like high pressure but it wasn’t at all.  Ted Cook, the new owner of Palmdale RV Resort is a laid back former farmer and we both like him a lot.  He has good plans for the park and I think this unit is what we have been looking for for a few years now.

We always thought if we stopped RV’ing that we’d move into something in the vicinity of 500-600 sq ft.  So, explain to me why we ended up with an 1100 sq ft mobile home?  It’s not an “answer” but the reason is because of my computers. It made sense to find someplace that I could get up in the middle of the night and work without always waking Peggy. We wanted a place where our daughter could come to visit, or other friends, but that wouldn’t completely disrupt our life when that happened, that meant three rather than two bedrooms — one for an office, one for guests. We looked at a variety of mobile homes, new and used, and this one — sitting right in front of us for a decent price — had the best floor plan for us of all the prospects we looked at.

It was like shopping for our RV — after looking at 100 different RV’s we realized that the only ones we liked were the ones with a single floor plan — and we had only seen three of those, and one of them was right in front of us at the time at a good price.

You know the real estate adage: location, location, location… Palmdale for us has the right location.  And this home in particular was in the right location within the park — close to the clubhouse and the pool, off the main road, with a long carport.

We have some few bits of furniture to purchase. Later this winter Kathryn & Mike will visit and bring along with them most of the belongings we left behind in Milwaukee.

I have no doubt that at some point we’ll be back in Milwaukee. But for a few years we’re going to make Texas our base. I really can’t and don’t want to deal with Wisconsin winters again.  We will stay more active here, and we’ll have to go through the process of acclimating to a southern climate. I’m prepared to be a bit uncomfortable for part of this summer.  It will take time for our bodies to adjust.

Another attractive option for us is the fact that we don’t own real estate — just a trailer.  The investment is smaller, we don’t have land worries and if/when we decide to head North to stay the ‘risk’ of getting our money’s worth out of the mobile home is limited.

This year we will stick closer to ‘home’ than we have done in any of our 5 years RV’ing.  We are both ready not to be going places for a while.  That won’t last long — it never has for us — but for the time being it’s welcome.

Of course, all of these changes mean that the nature of Life Unscripted will change a bit.  I won’t be writing about RV’ing per se now.  I’ll still be writing about retirement and travel; certainly about Texas and family; other topics will pop up plenty often I’m sure.  And it’s not conceivable that we would own a mobile home in a 55+ RV park without touching on RV’ers and what they do.

Out of the 200 sites here only 87 are designated as Park Model / Mobile Home sites — and not all of those are currently occupied by any unit.  So many of the parks in this area are much larger — 400, 600, even 800 units.  And this is the only RV park that we found with such generous lots — 40 x 70 all.

In our case the home and carport take up most of the lot.  We don’t have any grass which is fine with me — even though the park takes care of lawn mowing.

For now, we have to finish moving in.  With warm temperatures it will take us a few days to do that — we just got the keys today and we didn’t get a lot done — just enough to feel like we made a little progress.

After that I’ll spruce up the coach a little before posting it for sale.  Michael our son-in-law asked whether we were selling the car too — seeing as it already had a Blue Ox baseplate installed an the car is still in good condition even though it’s a 2004. I had never even considered selling the car at the same time but reason says that there might be someone who likes the CR-V and for whom a package deal might be the perfect choice — so I think that’s what we’ll do.  The mechanics could be a little hairy if we get a buyer and have to come up with a new-to-us car in short order but he — it’s Life Unscripted, right?

So, that’s our news for the month.  🙂 Thanks for stopping and I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat. Why not stop and say hi!



26 thoughts on “Life Unscripted Reset

  1. I hear you on the layout, Peter. We have been in more fifth wheels that we can shake a stick at, yet the one we have is the one we like…all because the layout is perfect for us. It has good bones also, so we are willing to upgrade and maintain the unit as needed.

    Nice home! It looks a lot bigger on the inside than out, for some reason…which is a good thing! Remember to keep up on the pest control, seeing you will be there year round.


      1. Norm, we haven’t finished with a revaluation. Need to spend time with Kelly Blue Book and come up with some numbers. Don’t worry, I’ll post complete details when I get that far. 🙂


  2. Congratulations! It sounds like you are making the decision for all the right reasons. From my perspective as a year round Minnesotan, I do think the south Texas weather in the summer will drive you crazy, but I guess you get used to it. Totally get all the positives about your new place -have fun spreading out! I do have a suggestion for you – the doors on your refrigerator can be reversed so it is hinged to open into the kitchen. Just an FYI. Assuming the furniture comes with it.
    I will look forward to your continued writing!

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    1. I’m a few days behind…

      We think we’re doing the right thing at the right time. We’ll see.

      Summer will be a challenge — no doubt! But the only way to know for sure how well we can tolerate it is to jump right in — so that’s the plan for ’17.

      I knew about the doors on the fridge — just hadn’t gotten that far when I wrote that post. They are now long since re-sided and all is well. It’s interesting though we have never had a bedroom or living room as close to the refrigerator as this is — and I never paid much attention to how much the unit runs. Seems a lot but we’ll see what happens with it. The fridge in Serendipity was so quiet we never heard much of anything from it. and in our house we had a Kitchen Aid fridge that was a long way away from the living spaces (big residence portion of the business/home building)


  3. Looks to me like a party house–that big table with a serving counter behind it should make hosting dinners easy. Plus any spills on the living room furniture should wipe right off. I hope you enjoy this new phase of life. Do be sure the air conditioner works before summer hits, though, you are going to want it. 🙂

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    1. LOL — if you knew who you were talking to! Party animals we never were — even in our youth!!!! But, it is a home well laid out for entertaining. Who knows — we may find a new part of our personality we didn’t know existed — to that we have squelched over the years.

      A/C is only 2 yrs and it’s working fine!


  4. I thought about this a little more today, Peter. The beauty of your writing is that your content is about what you are currently observing…so in that vein, your blog shouldn’t change much at all. Your take on the world tomorrow morning could be about a blade of grass that you saw, and you would make into an interesting post. 😃

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  5. Looks like it’s a great place with lots of room that I’m sure you will both enjoy. Our first house was 1100 sq. feet, and it was actually pretty perfect for us until we had our first child. While I’m a little sad to see you let go of the RV, I hope you both truly enjoy your new life in this great area and will be curious to see what your travels look like going forward. Hope you both have fun settling back in to a more permanent situation now!


    1. It sure is. I’m breaking it in gradually, having forgotten how to even <> about cooking using the oven. I do think about baking, and I’ve used it for a few baked treats, but learning to think about main dishes I can make in the oven …. I’m actually having to THINK about that. But, we did get a lovely bone in ham for Christmas and I can’t wait. And I did do a scrumptious Coq au Vin a couple days ago.

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      1. Well, the divorce is not because of the date…. we can attest to that. Still going strong. But sorry about your parents.

        It has been different with an anniversary so close to Christmas, but then my parents had it even worse. Dad proposed to my mom on Pearl Harbor day — the real one — and they were married that very Christmas Day — barely 2 weeks later. Christmases were always a mix in our home: half Christmas, half anniversary.


      2. They got married quickly because of pressing circumstances — the war.
        We got married quickly because I was one impatient son-of-a-gun; If I had been forced to wait through a year or two year engagement I wonder if I would have gotten married — I’ve never been good about delay gratification.

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      3. We met for coffee and decided to go to the airport and hop on the first plane going anywhere decent. Two hours later it was San Fransisco or bust. 23 years old and consumed by “unscripted” freedom, we jumped another flight from SF to Las Vegas, a few hours later we left Little Chapel of the Flowers as man and wife.

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    1. But think of how many people you are making happy in your job…. Gotta find satisfaction somewhere. 🙂 🙂
      And I’m glad I’m doing making customers happy — a lifetime of that and all I want now is a little peace and quiet (he says with the road digging equipment literally right outside the house here at the park, and it’s not even 7 a.m.)!!!!!!!

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