Tipping Point

Thursday appears to have been a tipping point for us. It’s the culmination of lots of conversations and more “looking around” than might have been apparent.  We’re in agreement that it’s time to make some changes.

The two of us are excited about new prospects and to be truthful we are not entirely sure what we’ve set in motion:  there’s a good deal of “unscriptedness” going on right now with altered calendars,  uncertainty, and all the jitters and nerves that go along with any new undertaking.

After 5+ years as full timers we’re going to buy a permanent base; and the coach will go up for sale as soon as we get moved in and get her cleaned and spruced up. A lot of things will feel funny.  You get accustomed to things like slightly inclined floors and those unconscious twists and turns that we unconsciously make getting around inside the a familiar living space.

It will feel strange to walk further than 12 steps from one end of the house to another.  Full timing has been very good to us and with thanksgiving we’re ready to close one of life’s chapters and open the next.  No sense hanging around until things go wrong or until we realize we should have taken this step a year or two sooner.  This is the right time.  For Us.

At the moment we aren’t sure about a lot of things.  Like timing.  How soon will we move in.  Or how long might we have to wait? We have a few more people to talk with and a timeline to sort out. But the plan is simple: there’s a mobile home here at the RV park where we are right now that is for sale, it suits our needs, the price is decent for what we’re getting, and I think we’ve reached a purchase agreement with the prior owner.

There are a lot of reasons behind this change.  I’ll explain them soon enough but the bottom line is simple:  it’s the right decision for the two of us at this time. It’s not an emotional decision. Nor is it one that we’ve been forced into because of immediate circumstances.  We’re acting positively for the future.

We have lived our primary objectives for RV’ing.  We found the right home for our needs in the right place.  Between our visit here two years ago and this visit we toured and shopped almost 60 different RV parks and we’re happy with what we have here.

This may change our daughter’s visit here later this winter.  It may change our travel plans for ’17 — heck…. it WILL change them. I expect we’ll spend the next 16 months primarily in Texas with a few trips out for various reasons…..

We’ve got a lot of choices and decisions to be made.every-story-has-a-tipping-point

More to come soon enough…..


12 thoughts on “Tipping Point

  1. Well, well! This is interesting news, and I’m happy for both of you and happy you found a good deal. I would love to spend more time in that area in cooler months, as we’ve only visited there with the kids during the heat of summer but thankfully spent lots of time in the water at S. Padre while we were there. We know a few couples that have called that area home for half the year, and all have loved it in those months for all the obvious reasons. Wondering if you will spend more time up north in the hot and humid months? But oh… just having all those great food options! Having fresh shrimp readily available would almost make it worth such a move for me! haha Congrats on the big decision. Will look forward to following your progress in the move. And enjoy your nice weather. The chill factor here this morning is 12 degrees… brrrr!


    1. Thanks for the good wishes.

      I was dead honest when I said that we are figuring out what the decision will mean for us. We did NOT have buying a home / mobile home in mind when we arrived — but it felt so right that we did it. That we have kept in communication with each other about our feelings and well being means that the decision was actually easy — most of the time we find agreement quite easily. But that doesn’t mean we know what life will be like here — not about the weather, or our plans, or anything.

      But, you’ll know shortly after we do. 🙂


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  2. In one respect I’m sorry to hear you’re settling down, but like you said, it’s a new chapter. I hope you’ll keep your blog up. My last trip to Texas was about 5 years ago for my son’s wedding. I have other family in Texas, but don’t know when we’ll get back out there. I liked Texas and decided to set one of my book’s background there. I haven’t made up my mind yet which town to use.

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    1. I’m sure the blog will live on. I don’t know how >> not to write <> how << the blog will look in the future is a little up for grabs because once the coach is sold we won’t have a lot of RV specific stories to tell — though we will still be in an RV park, with RV’ers all around.

      Just goin’ with the flow….


    1. LOL — for you and the other readers this may be a “new adventure” — for us it’s just life. My dad told Peggy on the first day he met her “Life will never be boring with Peter” — and she’s want to tell me from time to time that I don’t have to TRY to make things interesting — it just happens because of who I am…

      We’re excited for the difference. Things will be different! Instead of being 70 miles from Chicago and 300 miles from Minneapolis, the CLOSEST big city is San Antonio and that’s 150 miles. Houston is 350 — we will think about things differently because of the mileage. And age. But it will be fun, of that I’m sure.

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  3. Glad to hear you will still be traveling. If you are selling your class A, what is your plan? I echo another’s comment that I am glad you are making the decision proactively. Wishing you all the best and look forward to reading about your continued journey.


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