Playing at being the Pool Boy…

img_4123Someone didn’t show up to clean the pool the other day so yours truly decided to step in, or maybe step-OUT of the water and get the job done.  We’ve had high 80’s and 90’s for a few days and before a cold front comes through folks are getting their share of Old Sol and water therapy!

The owner is coming down in a couple days — to talk with his lawyers about the road paving.  We’re hoping that the work might actually begin soon.  But now that the park is filling up for the winter just how that’s going to work with people needing to park cars where roadwork is not being done might be interesting!  I’m sure the ultimate improvement will be worth it but you know how people like to complain — I’m sure the grapevine will be humming with discontents.  And people wonder why I keep to myself.  It gets old in a hurry listening to old people complaining!

There’s a mobile home here that’s been for sale (the couple who had it had health issues recently — you know how that goes!).  We were told that there were winter renters coming down to spend the winter there; now it seems that their plans have changed and it will be empty.  We’ve been thinking about making a change and now we have something more to think about.  We never wanted to own real estate — because of the the need to do landscape and/or snow removal — but the idea of owning a mobile home on someone else’s property has some appeal.  We’ll see what happens.

I checked out one of the local small business butcher shops today.  Their prices are quite good, and considering that they are only a couple miles away it’s a tempting option to the large H-E-B store in Brownsville or the Walmart here in Los Fresnos (which we avoid, just because we try to shop local).  But… I’m finding it challenging to wrap my lifetime-conditioned-brain around the cuts of meat favored in the Mexican community. It’s the same doggone cow/pig — how come they can’t cut it the same way in different parts of the country? I need to learn how to cook a few new dishes!  And maybe get a Mexican cookbook!

I”ve been looking into the tax structure here in Texas.  Sure is different from Wisconsin. But there’s no personal income tax here — just sales tax.

Then again, there’s also not much public television.  We are accustomed to living in states where the public tv includes more stations and more diversity.  That loss I’m feeling quite acutely.  I miss my British sitcoms.  Sigh. Life is tough.  But then the sun is shining and there’s no snow to shovel so I’d best shut my mouth and be thankful.


6 thoughts on “Playing at being the Pool Boy…

    1. After what we paid in WI for real estate tax (I know that’s different from TX property tax) anything is better. TX is actually a tax favorable state for us. Thanks for the ‘warning’ though — ugly surprises aren’t funny! 🙂


  1. Ahhhh.. Good old PBS. I’m willing to wager that maybe Dish network with Corpus Christie channels may work. If not, I’m sure there is always a way to stream it. I sometimes find myself making choices about stops that last more than a couple of days, based on their Television market. I feel your pain, and I watch way too much TV!

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    1. I have the TV on a lot. But Peggy is usually doing the watching and for me it’s background noise. I hate being in a room with no sounds of human activity — got that way after too many years on the road in too many nameless hotels.

      With our Verizon hotspot streaming isn’t a reality. I’d use a month’s worth of broadband in 2 or 3 nights and I buy 30 gigabytes a month. (Thanks for a one time pay for 15 and get 30 promotion).


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