Gone to the Birds

What a difference a season makes!  We’ve been back out to the birding center every few days this trip. And we’re having a ball. Two years ago we hardly bothered because of the weather — and everytime we did go we didn’t see anything worth having made the trip. This year it’s very, very different and we’re loving it.  My first birding trip to S. Texas was in 2009 and I always look forward to being here whether or not I see new birds because there’s enough to see and even if they are doing the same things I’ve seen before I never grow tired.



That being said, we’ve written off the bad roads en route to Laguna Atascosa.  With the auto route closed it’s just not worth it to me, to beat up the car getting there. So, we’ve been burning up the highway to the SPI Birding Center instead and there’s hardly any difference in mileage.  There are other places on the island to see birds comfortably — including the boardwalk at the Events Center (access to which is free).  With our recently purchased annual pass, though, the birding center is an easier choice.

We’re watching the tides more carefully this year — and timing our visits closer to low tides — when the shorebirds and waders are most likely to be seen in the shallow waters of the marsh.



These guys have their own personalities.  Some of them seem to favor the same spots and day by day you can find them in their hangouts.  Sounds like some Wisconsin drinkers I know!

Sometimes you see things that are different, like this heron sunning himself.  From a couple days ago when I only had my iPhone it’s not as good an image but I’ve never seen quite this behavior before.  20161123104646455

We are here about a month now.  Oddly enough we both commented the other day that all of a sudden it feels as if our winter “vacation” has begun.  Seems there were enough irons in the fire right after our arrival that we never really got into relaxation mode… but like one of those lightbulb moments — it was off, and now it’s on!

Word on the grapevine is that the group Thanksgiving meal was glorious. More than enough for the dinner.  More than enough fro grazing that night by anyone who wanted.  More than enough desserts leftover for the group Happy Hour on Friday!  I’m glad they had fun — but that makes me all the more happy I didn’t go because I’d be ten pounds heavier today instead of just about even with my pre-holiday weight.  A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.

I think we finally sorted out Kathryn’s visit.  We have dates (at the end of Jan and beginning of Feb) and a plan for whom she’ll visit (Corpus Christi, Los Fresnos, Austin, Hill Country & Galveston) and what days she’ll be spending in Texas — and managing to get most of that time covered in her 2016 company vacation — so it will seem to her like “free” time off (not giving up any of 2017’s vacation.  It’s a good plan for us too — a couple iterations of the plan had included a lot more driving — and when we have her with us it’s nice to be able to enjoy her, not just drive around all over the country.  🙂

That’s enough for today.  Thanks for stopping, and I’ll be here again tomorrow. Why not stop and say HI!



4 thoughts on “Gone to the Birds

  1. That heron sunning itself is amazing! I have been itching to take some pictures of birds…they’re all over the place down here. I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to even snap some from the balcony. You made me realize that if I don’t take time, the season will be over before you know it and I’ll have to wait for another…guess I’m taking the long way home from work tomorrow…I’ll have to check the tides! 😉

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    1. That Heron was such an unusual behavior. Glad to have seen it.

      Since then we have been preoccupied with housing issues. All good, and announcements to come soon, but also quite time consuming!

      The end of the ‘season’ what what happened to us 2 years ago. The weather was crummy and when it warmed up the birds where already passed through. This fall we are enjoying them, but also sort of preoccupied with other decisions that may make seeing them easier in the future.


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