What’s For Dinner?

093402584Surely this fish looks better to him than it does to me!  This guy was perched on a post along the beach road on South Padre Island.  Looks pretty fierce to me.  But then much of Nature is pretty fierce when you come down to it.

In between looking at mobile homes and fixing computer networks we’ve been enjoying life. I’ve been getting over to the pool occasionally. We’ve been eating well — at least as well as a steady-state diet will allow.  My weight loss has stalled out, but we’re getting into holiday season and I figure if I can hold my own between Thanksgiving and New Year I’m doing ok.

At least I’m not reduced to eating fish that look quite as rough as this guy’s dinner!  S. Texas seafood is wonderful.

093402591Making choices… It’s one of life’s most interesting tasks; one that we all handle differently I guess.  I for one am a pesonality that always considers process  in my decisions.  What comes first;  what follows; how does something end?  And process in lifestyle changes can be tricky because you may not know that the subsequent steps are, or could be.

It should be obvious to even the casual reader that we’ve been at sixes and sevens for some months now about our direction. Fact of the matter is that for some months now we haven’t had ANY direction.  Considering that my dad always said I have a one-track mind, to have no direction is pretty radical for me.  I have enjoyed being in the mental place that I have been — if for no other reason than it’s been different from what I’m accustomed to — I have lived a very purposeful life.  After a lifetime of “full speed ahead” a little time at “idle” has been pleasant.  But it wasn’t going to last forever.

We are looking at some significant changes in lifestyle over the next 2-3 years.  Nothing obvious will happen for at least another three or four months and I’ll explain as we go without getting too far ahead of the present moment.  Our indecision seems to have passed.  The both of us have been doing a lot of talking about what we want to do now, where we see our retirement heading, and whether we need to make changes to our long term end-of-life plans (something we talk about openly from time to time just to be prepared).

093413066I think I can speak for both of us in saying that we are both really excited about putting new plans into action.  Sometimes one’s own forward movement is delayed by the pace of someone else and that’s where we are right now.  We need to wait on other folks to finish something what they have started. That works fine for us: we are committed to being here at Los Fresnos least until the end of February. By then we’ll have a firm date for our first big lifestyle change.

In the meantime:  we enjoy life. That shouldn’t be too hard. We’ve already heard about a couple feet of snow falling in Northern Minnesota and snow on mountain passes like Snoqualmie in Washington. All that snow looks pretty fun — from 1500+ miles away! I’ve been waiting my whole life to be able to say something like that. After a lifetime of Northern clime winters I’m not missing the white stuff at all.

Of course anticipation can be a drag.  You want to move forward and you cant.  But that’s an easier burden to bear than not having a plan to move forward towards.  I for one am happy to be past that point.

Thanks for stopping.  I hate to lead you on and keep you hanging but I’m excited enough that I have to talk to someone and share at least something just to keep from exploding.  I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat — why not stop by?


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