Good News is Always Welcome

Today is actually the day after Thanksgiving Day — I’m writing a few days ahead again.  Can there be anything better for a grandparent than to hear good news about their grand-kids?  I think not.  Yesterday’s quiet Thanksgiving Day was pleasant enough — until we called Milwaukee to talk with Kathryn, Mike, Melanie, and Drew.  Everything we heard was hunky-dory until the end of the conversation when Drew broke the good news.

When he finished his schooling in Chicago he snagged a grant to work in the Minneapolis City Planning office on a special project.  The 6 month grant began the better part of 2 years ago and was renewed a couple times — but he really wanted to be hired by the city and to pursue his degree interests right there in Minneapolis.  Well, after delays and some typical bureaucratic nonsense they hired him recently.


time for our happy dance

I’m so glad for the both of them.  Working for a governmental agency is so not something that I would ever have wanted to do but it is what he wants to do and that’s what matters.  So, Peg & I are sitting here this evening with big smiles on our faces!

Other than that all is well.  Plans for the wedding are moving forward.  All are healthy and as well as can be expected.  Life is good.

There’s a construction project going on at the property West of the park.  It’s some sort of international educational complex that I don’t know a lot about at the moment but I was surprised to see that there were workmen there on Thanksgiving Day.

In fact, the day before they pumped concrete to form several brand new foundations and floors — and this morning they were out there already framing in the building.  I can’t believe they did that barely 20 hours after pouring concrete!  Texas is different — or at least different from what I’m used to.

A short post today.  I’m still full from yesterday.  Thanks for stopping and check in tomorrow to see what’s up!



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