My Network is Re-Worked

2014092713524204 img_1454

About a week later (post hard drive failure) and the office looks about like it used to, but with fewer wires, fewer pieces, and more storage.  An hour or two here, and an hour or two there and the rearranging is done.  A couple long days of copying files to get the file system back to what it was — and make a few improvements while I was at it.  Doesn’t look like anything to an outsider but my life is simpler now.  Good!  I like simple. 22 terabytes of storage isn’t “simple” but we should be good for a few years with the way we’re set up now.

It’s Wednesday before Turkey Day and the unscriptedness of our Life Unscripted may be showing itself again.  We’ve been looking at used mobile homes in situ in local RV parks.  I’m not going to go into all the details about why we are even considering this now — I’ll share our thinking if and when it becomes relevant — but suffice it to say we are willing to consider a serious change in our lifestyle for the right unit in the right place.

Nor do we know — at this point — what that might mean for our vagabond habits. Short & Long term.  We’ll still travel.  But how, how long, and during what times of the year will depend on whether we buy something.  One of the properties we are looking at is rented through April — so it could occur that we don’t actually purchase anything till then — and then do we head North?  runner-sweltering-heatOr to we stick around to see what a summer in S. Texas feels like.  Decisions awaiting enough information to make a choice!

It could turn out that this is a false alarm.  I don’t know.  Like that sailboat that I had already started writing the check to pay for — I have changed my mind before committing a few times.  We’ll wait to see what happens before we know for sure.

So, on the day before Thanksgiving Day we have a lot to be thankful for.  Life is good.  We’re feeling good — as much as we know anyway.  And there are exciting prospects ahead — no matter what decision we make.  Thanks for stopping, and why not stop by tomorrow to see what we’re up to.


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