Know Your Limits

crested-carcaraThe Crested Caracara is a border violator.  Usually they stay South — in Mexico — but they do sneak over the border from time to time and this guy was seen at Laguna Atascosa.

The Caracara reminds me that we can get away with ignoring our limits for a while but we can’t do it all the time.  They visit South Texas from time to time but they aren’t common full time residents here.  It’s kind of like being an RV’er — or an older person in general.

Time was I could drive 700 miles a day for several days in a row.  I don’t do that any more.  In fact I purposely try to keep our travel days to a couple hundred miles.  And when I insist on stretching for a day anything over 450 miles ceases to be ‘fun.’

blood-pressure-cuffThat kind of stamina is something I’m accustomed to thinking about.  What I’m not accustomed to thinking about are the new rules for living that the doctor has given me.  With two different cardiac conditions I’m slowly learning to think about life differently.  It has not been an entirely comfortable transition.

I feel fine.  But then I felt fine before I was diagnosed — and when the doctor saw what I had been living with his face went pale and gave me some initial rules for living that brought me up short.  Since he has stabilized me using meds life has gotten a little more normal but there are a couple activities which, in particular, can get me in trouble and hasten the need for surgery.  Accepting what that means for our life together has been a hard adjustment.  Can we do this, but not that?  How much is enough, how much is too much? I’m a guy who likes specificity and assimilating the doc’s rules hasn’t been a natural thing to do.


With the slides retracted it’s easy to get into the “basement”


With the slides extended getting into the basement isn’t quite as easy.

Among the “little problems” for me is that I am not supposed to be bending over a lot.  And where do they put the storage in a Class A coach?  Why underneath the flooring in the bottom of the RV.

But those extendable slides make it a little more difficult to get into the basement.  The large storage bay sits directly underneath the longest slides on both sides.  It’s down on hands and knees to get in there — and then hauling whatever you’re looking for out of the basement is tricky too.


storage bays get filled with all sorts of stuff.

We don’t go down there a lot — but each time we do it’s not a good thing.  So we’re rethinking what we’re doing and how, and maybe what we should be doing. And if it seems like I’m beating around the bush and not saying what I really want to say — that’s precisely the problem — because I’m not so sure what I want the solution to be.  We’re thinking about it. That’s all I can say for now.


the bottom of the slide is about even with the top of my head when I’m sitting in a lawn chair.

Today is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  We have our turkey breast (picked it up yesterday at H.E.B. — so it’s in the fridge defrosting).  I’ll be making cranberry relish today.  The rest of the menu is super simple — no big feast for us this year — except for the pie we bought.  H.E.B. does this lovely thing where they bake 12” pies, cut them in half and sell 1/2 of one and 1/2 of some other kind of pie as a package deal.  So we’re pecan pie and pumpkin pie prepared for Turkey day.  Yum Oh.

There you have it.  Another Life Unscripted day!  Check in tomorrow to see what’s up.


4 thoughts on “Know Your Limits

  1. I wear oxygen 24/7. Bending just takes my breath away,, like most activity does. I bought a small foldable bench to set up whenever I have to retrieve things or more things around in the storage area. I also use it to check the air pressure in tires. It makes life a lot easier.

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