Seasonally Confused

20161116093924373I’m smiling today because there are Christmas decorations, and autumn flowers and palm trees all in the same view. To tell you the truth — just like last time we were here — it’s hard to have any sense of season.  For all I know it’s the middle of summer in Wisconsin except for the geckos and the Boattailed Grackles.

20161116110348376While we are talking about seasons, next seasons vegetables are coming along nicely.  This is such a farmer’s basket of produce;  I love it.  I like broccoli but I hate cleaning the stems.  I’ve been buying nicely trimmed broccoli florets for about $1.00 a pound.  Apples are about 2/3 the cost they were in WI.  Of course apples are not one’s reason for coming here — I’ve been enjoying my carefully doled out grapefruit — seeing as taking too many of them with my med list isn’t advisable!!!!!

Thursday we did a birdwalk at the SPI birding center.  Not only did we see flying critters we also saw turtles and a couple gators.  I didn’t bring a big camera along so no photos; instead I got to keep-looking-at-someone-else’s photos.  Funny how many guys (especially) insist on showing all their “wonderful” photos and telling you all the details that go along with them.  Maybe that’s part of the reason I tend to post photos with little or no explanation.  I get tired listening to everyone’s explanations of all the details.  After years of setting exposures and lighting ratios it’s not as interesting as once it was.20161117100038385

That said…. it was a lovely bird walk.  Only about a dozen other bird walkers.  The leader was quite knowledgeable;  I kept hearing species names I seldom hear; some of them I could see, but alas, some of them were far enough away that even with binoculars I couldn’t make them out.  Still, it was a wonderful morning spent with people seriously interested in birds.  It worked out we were there right around low tide — so we had the best situation in terms of seeing shorebirds.  I’m sure as we go along I’ll get motivated enough to drag my camera along.

It was a good day in South Texas.  It’s good to be here.

Thanks for stopping and why not stop by to see what’s up tomotrow.


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