Sunny but the roads are still mucky

Wednesday dawned with more fog; but a fog that burnt off early. With still muddy roads here (the one really annoying part about this park) rgvpo-mercedeswe wanted to take our morning walk outdoors — but not with muddy feet.  The solution was a drive to the outlet mall and the hopes that we’d find something interesting to do from there.

Last winter we were both huffing and puffing in less than a mile.  Over the summer we walked up and down the gentle hills at Highland Ridge and we were walking at a better pace without getting winded at a little over a mile.  We’re now up to  two to three miles a day with a better pace and feeling pretty good about things.  It’s nowhere near what we used to do; but we’re improving and that’s what matters — and we’re having fun doing it.


We were close to the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge so after our mall walk we headed over there.  Santa Ana is called the gem of the NWR system and it’s easy to see why — critters and birds abound — but it’s also a refuge that suffers regularly because of Momma Nature’s hissy fits — in the form of flooding.  There’s construction going on near the visitors center this year so the only restrooms are porta-potties.sanwr1 There are a variety of walking trails, a pay-per-ride tram ride three times a day, and nice educational exhibits.  We’ll spend more time there during the winter I expect.

On our way down to the refuge we drove past one RV parks that rang a bell.  We had looked at it two years ago — weren’t interested at the time — but the other day while perusing the mobile homes for salewthsheader  I had come across an interesting listing.  After finishing at the refuged we drove back to the park and checked it out all over again.  Not surprisingly we weren’t seriously interested in the unite they had for sale but it was another chance to remind ourselves how we felt about larger corporate owned RV parks. This one has 400+ sites.  The individual sites are reasonably sized and there are a lot of activities but it’s not a likely home for us.  Just not what we’re looking for.

Looks like we should stay dry for a few days.  Maybe the muddy roads will dry up.  There’s a cold front coming through in a couple days with highs forecast around 66º — cooler for sure but more than adequate for my taste.  Thanks for stopping by and check in tomorrow to see what’s up!


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