Talking with your hands on the cell phone

We’ve been here for two weeks.  Life is swimming along nicely, which I say with a little bit of irony as the bad roads from two years ago have not yet been repaired and we have our share of min-lakes where the road should be.

With the rain we’ve been going to the mall to walk.  We’re acquainting ourselves with all of the local malls and getting in our share of exercise. Which isn’t saying a lot;  with a wonky leg I can’t walk as long as I used to and we’re limited to 2 or 3 miles at a time.

Mall walking you see a lot of folks talking on their cell phones, and lately I’ve been noticing people talking on the phone while gesturing with their spare hand and the absurdity of the act has been amusing me.  We don’t need our hands to speak, but sometimes we associate two completely disparate things and they become the way we act, or think, or see the world.

We associate music with various feelings. We associate food with other emotions.  Some people are easy to be around — and we associate them with joy.  And, yes, some of us talk with our hands and we naturally associate gestures with talking!

One of my blogs the other day inspired one of my readers to write in after reading a blog in which I had said something about Utopias not existing. He took umbrage – and rightly so— to say that some people have found their Utopia. And he’s right.  We were looking at the same subject from two very different viewpoints and I love that.  And what he sees from his viewpoint is precisely true.  Which is one of the wonderful things about this world we live in.

After an election in which 1/2 of the population didn’t get what they wanted  half of the population is wondering how life will ever be the same —  that kind of Utopia doesn’t exist — will never exits.  People have a right to want different things, and to pursue different things and to be passionate about them.  At the same time one woman wants to be able to abort an unwanted pregnancy, another  person feels that’s wrong and shouldn’t happen, and still another wishes they could adopt the unwanted infant.  This is a complex world and it’s good that people have complex and often contradictory ideals.

What struck me while doing our mall walk was that the people on the other end of those conversations never saw the gestures, the passion that went along with the gestures — all they heard were the words.  And I wondered how much of our social problems are related;  We hear words but we miss all the subtext, we miss all the gestures, we miss all the passion — those reasons underlying our embrace of one idea or another.


The new owner is trying to get approval from the county to fix the roads.  He’s made payments to various campaigns in the hopes that he would pry some votes loose to get signatures on the permits he needs to do the job right.  He’s wondering now if it would have been ‘better’ just to do the job without permits and ask forgiveness after the fact.  I’m sure that one of these years the roads will get fixed.  Of course, when that’s done people won’t have anything to complain about and sometimes it seems that some folks always need something to complain about.

We aren’t chasing around as much this year as we did two years ago.  We’ve been here before; we know where goods and services are; we don’t have to be in a hurry to check everything out.  That feels good.

This place isn’t “home” yet.  Home is Serendipity.  Home goes everywhere we go.  But some places are more comfortable than others. South Texas seems to be one of those. Who would have thought it?  That’s it for today.  Thanks for stopping, and stop by tomorrow to see what’s up.


6 thoughts on “Talking with your hands on the cell phone

  1. I’m all for fixing the darn road and asking forgiveness later. Geez. Glad you are enjoying South Texas. The best of all foodie worlds is there… fresh seafood and awesome Mexican food! I’m jealous, especially over the fresh shrimp. When I went to Beaumont last year about this time, my cousin sent me back with a whole cooler full of fresh shrimp, and oh, how we enjoyed it!

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    1. It’s turning out to be a very pleasant (and surprising) visit. We are loving the seafood and for that matter the cost of living. Compared to some places we’ve been this is cheap territory — though your sales tax is enough to choke a horse.

      You know how excuses go. Sometimes people tell you what they want you to hear — and I can dig it…. there can be other reasons things don’t get done. But — we came knowing what the roads were like last time and assuming they’d be the same. And we can manage — if nothing else it’s good traffic control! NO speeders here!


  2. You make a good point…body language has a lot to do with understanding the communication and its intent. I have seen, more than I care to admit, people talking very politely on the phone while rolling their eyes or doing a hurry up motion with their hands unbeknownst to the caller. It’s hard to feign interest in teal life…it’s there or it’s not.

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  3. Reminds me of the businessman…suit and tie…in his Caddy on the freeway one time. One hand holding the phone, other hand repeatedly pointing at the windshield, as if driving home a point in a meeting. Face as red as a,beet. Obviously steering with his knee.

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