In the mean time….

While the rest of the world was looking at the Super Moon… Guess what we had?20161115065959357

It’s not a beautiful image — but it’s a true image!  And even though earth wont see another supermoon again until after I’m gone — (not much chance I’ll make it into my 100’s)  — I’m ok with that.

I’m almost at the point of deleting my Facebook account.  There has been this part of me that has been uncomfortable for the last 8 years because of all the hatred and bigotry expressed by Republicans towards our First Black President — and yes — it HAS been because he was BLACK that they they were so upset.  Now the other side of the political spctrum is being equally disrespectful and of course like the Republicans they feel they have every right to do so.  I don’t know what happened to the phrase, “When they go low, we go high” because I haven’t heard much “high” in the past week, and I doubt I will.

It’s so easy to think that one’s own point of view is justifiable, while the other guys’ point of view if full of bull-hockey!  Is seems that God is always on the side of whomever is whining; and “my” viewpoint is always the righteous view while the other guy’s is always the wrong view.

I intended to drive 30 miles roundtrip to the nearest RV store to buy a replacement Shurflow water filter.  I’ve been putting it off the last few days — being in a post election funk.  Finally I decided that in spite of my reluctance to keep buying stuff from Amazon when there are local retailers who need customers — I bought the filter form Amazon.  Sigh.  All the best intentions of mice and men….

That said — for us RV’ers — a great many times the issue of how much it costs to get TO the store in order to buy something does factor in.  A friend of ours did a volunteer gig for the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada.  They paid him $100.00 per month for fuel to make the trip into “town” for groceries; that trip being 100 miles each way.  Frankly, I think $100.00 was nowhere near enough not when you look at the Tax form and see Uncle Sam’s mileage allowance for tax purposes.  But he was happy for the gig, and for the stipend.

Balancing a sense of civic responsibility with your bank balance can be a trick if you are Full Time RV’ing.  Sure, you can find the inexpensive night at some campground, but there are also very EXPENSIVE nights to be spent at other campgrounds.  You may find a bargain for fuel here — but the next stop down the road the prices might not be so reasonable.  And of course the further West you go, the higher fuel prices are in general.


The Gas Price Heat Map

Peg & I have always been cost conscious shoppers.  If it wasn’t at “Our Price” (whatever that might mean to us at the moment) we didn’t buy.  We have gotten a little lazy about that in retirement; or should I say since going full time as RV’ers.  It’s not always so easy to pick and choose whether to buy — sometimes you just need something.

We’ve been wanting to go out to Padre Island for the 9:30 bird walks — but the weather hasn’t been cooperating.  I thought about going over to the Santa Ana NWR or to the park at Bentsen Palms  but the weather there hasn’t been any better.  Instead I’ve been reading.  I’ve got a couple cabinets full of books and the library here is quite large so I hope not to run out of books before the end of the winter.  We’ll see. (can you tell how motivated I am?)

I still haven’t gotten back into the office to finish re-arranging my server and hard drives. It’s something I just can’t get up any excitement about.  I feel that becoming a bigger part of life as retirement keeps ticking off the days.  That’s partly because what I’d like to do would require more tools than I have with me — and more woodworking than I care to do; and partly because the alternative simpler solution isn’t nearly as compelling to get me back there to get the job done. There are RV parks here in the Rio Grande Valley that offer woodworking shops for the residents;  I’m aware of them, we toured some of them two years ago — but aside from the wood working shops there was nothing to compel me to choose those parks over where we are — so I’ll let my server problem languish away until I get good and worked up enough to tackle it.    This, my friends, is why my wife waited 5 years for me to put mop-boards around the base of our remodeled bathroom when everything else in the room had been finished.  Sometimes a project just has to reach critical mass before I’m willing to knuckle under and get it done!

It’s not a good characteristic — but it’s who I am.  Warts and all.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I’ll be here again tomorrow.  Why not stop and say HI!



6 thoughts on “In the mean time….

  1. I completely understand your comment on Facebook…both pre and post election were so negative and then having every news channel reiterate it in one form or another…I couldn’t take it any more. I still pop in to check for messages as some important people do contact me there but I have decided to take a break from the circus. Besides, the people I really want to talk with are bloggers in the main…I will see them at their blogs. I miss the happy cheerful days…now, I’m looking forward to doing more creative things, just not sure what form that will take yet.

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  2. I’m sorry that you’re so convinced that anyone who doesn’t like obama is doing it purely for racial reasons. When he first ran, I had no idea that he was colored. I thought he was European, maybe Italian, which gave him that swarthy look. After roughly 3-4 months of the news media dancing around word usage I got a clue that obama was black. I planned to vote for Dr Carson and was disappointed when he dropped out. He’s black; so where do I fit in? I did not like Bill Clinton, but he’s white.
    As an RN I worked with people of all races and creeds. I took care of all kinds of people and gave each one of them the best care I could. On my first job I befriended two aides, both were black, which was a no-no in the late 60’s. They were good to me and helped me to understand what made a good nurse; yet, several of the staff gave me a hard time because I associated “with that kind of people.”
    Obama’s policies and lies are what have me upset with him. He claimed to be a Christian yet tried to take my God away. Then he said he is Muslim, but to another group he reverted to being a Christian again. He’s put our country into debt that we may never get out of. He’s aided our enemies and made enemies out of our allies. Lack of experience aside, he likes to make his own little laws and ignore protocol. He and his wife both had to relinquish their law licenses. That spoke volumes to me–how honest was he? He leaves the country or goes golfing when he should be in at his desk. The only good thing I can say about obama is that he looks good in a suit.
    The democratic platform has all 10 planks of communism in it. We fought against communism, why would I want to vote for it? People refer to America as a Socialist nation now. What color is socialism?
    You’re right about all the crap on Facebook. It probably won’t get better after Trump gets in. The media is continuing their negative talk about him non-stop. They are supposed to be unbiased, but that idea went out the window ages ago. Reagan did a great job, but the media rarely said anything good about him. Trump and Reagan were both liked by the media and always got good press. Then they became presidents. Overnight they became terrible people. Funny how that worked out.

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    1. You know, NO WHERE did I or have I ever said ALL of ANY political supporter is anything. What I have commented upon here, and in other places is that those people who are MOST VOCAL, become the standard by which a person’s supporters are judged. If you are silent no one hears your point of view. If you make a lot of noise everyone thinks you “stand for” the person you are supporting. Which explains why people are so upset at Trump — because those who support him are so out in right field about human rights, etc..
      Whomever is liked by the media always has to be viewed through the eye of entertainment value. If you think that the news media exist to give us honest news you are deluded. They are entertainment media that live and die by ratings, not truth. Trump makes better headlines than Hillary. And now that he is President they will paint him different colors to keep people worked up, upset, irate, whatever. That has always been the way. And probably always will be the way. In so many ways it’s like we are living in Orwell’s 1984


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