South Padre Island Birding Center

Saturday we needed to get away from the coach for a few hours so we took a drive to South Padre Island.  In particular we went to the SPI Birding Center to buy our annual membership and passes.  For $45.00 apiece we can come and go as often as we choose during our stay here and


our passes for the next year!

I’m sure we’ll get our money’s worth.

The Birding Center is one of 9 World Birding Centers in S. Texas.  They are privately run and volunteer staffed.  I’ve enjoyed visiting this one for the last 8 or 9 years.  With 3300 linear feet of boardwalk and 5 bird blinds there’s plenty of space to wander around at ease while checking out the birds in the swampy land.  Birds are joined by alligators, turtles, crabs and fish of a Gulf Coast variety.  Today wasn’t a great day for shooting photos — in fact I’d left my camera and phone at home so I’m using some file photos to make my points.south-padre-island-birding

Today with a nice breeze there were 20 or 30 wind surfers offshore having a ball.  Had I had my camera with me I’d have taken a few shots but they were North of the Expo Center and too far away to be anything more than a speck on an iPhone photo anyway.

Today was also the date of the SPI 1/2 Marathon.  We arrived just as the cops were taking away the traffic cones at the end of the event.  Looks like they had a decent turnout though — always good to see.

I love being 1/2 an hour away from SPI!

Thanks for stopping, and I’ll be here again tomorrow.  Stop by and say Hi!




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