Finally Starting to Relax

I know I’ve written about this recently, but I can’t get my brain to settle down.  It’s beyond me why it’s taken me so long to just relax and settle into being here, but there you have it.  I’m not always rational.

Nearly as maddening as that is that I’ve found myself looking at the classifieds and online ads for Park Models for sale even though I know I’m in no mood/frame-of-mind to even consider buying one.

Peg & I used to enjoy just going out to look at houses for sale.  Maybe I’m just going through withdrawal?  Maybe I need more activity in my life — or less?  Maybe I need more naps — or fewer?

Maybe some of it was the election which campaign was driving me crazy.  But with a couple days of clouds and showers I opted to spend those days reading and waiting for some parts to show up and the adrenalin slowed down and finally I feel like I’m really relaxing.   And on another theme — I’m finally getting back to my diet — which is also helping my mood.

There are times when I still can’t believe we have been doing this continuously for more than 5 years.  We had no ‘intention’ when we started; no timeline; no projections.  What we had was good health, good hopes, and each other.

“We must go beyond textbooks,
go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths
of the wilderness and travel and explore
and tell the world the glories of our journey.”
– John Hope Franklin

Part of my blog is in the nature of a diary. Some aspect of it is to share the good and the bad about RV’ing as a way of life. If you’ve been reading along with me you know that there are great joys, but also great challenges in this lifestyle — which means this is not the lifestyle for everyone. No more than is any one political party the right party for everyone.


The Oregon Coast — a long way from South Texas

But what keeps me blogging is sharing the beauty and the wonder of this world around us!

This part of the country is flatter than many; sometimes finding the grand scene down here is more difficult; there are no mountains, no grand panoramas — but there is great beauty here as there is great beauty everywhere — if we just take the time to look around us.

Are You Really That Interesting

The Oregon Coast — a long way from South Texas

There are times when I still can’t believe we have been doing this continuously for more than 5 years.  We had no ‘intention’ when we started; no timeline; no projections.  What we had was good health, good hopes, and each other.

There are a lot of places to go in this nation — even if we never cross a national border.  The U.S. has this amazing attribute called:  SPACE.  We also have diversity.  Unbelievable diversity. We know Full Time Rv’ers who have been on the road 20 years and longer — and it astounds me that there is so much in this nation that we can spend a lifetime wandering about — as it were — without growing tired of the new, the interesting, the novel, the different.


That said, I’m sometimes amazed at some of their travel choices. “Why on earth would they want to go there?” I ask myself.  Which is, of course, a big part of the wonderful world of RV’ing. There’s no one right way to go full time RV’ing! We all get to do this in our own way, for as long as we choose, in whatever kind of contraption we can afford! There are a myriad combinations of those — and the most interesting combinations are “just right” for one couple or another.20141210115513166

Not all of our RV decisions are made for optimum reasons.  We’re human.  We err.  We are sometimes overbearing. We sometimes slack off on doing our research and get into something over our heads. I’ve known a lot of couples who have gone off in search of a Utopia that doesn’t exist anywhere. But none of that matters as long as each individual or couple or family is enjoying their lives and their travels. Those of us who are doing this in retirement spent enough years doing things because we had to, or because we were required to, that freedom of choice is precious indeed — even when we make bad decisions.

321024_10151157258280904_1152691155_nYet — “wherever we go, there we are” (you may remember my quotation some months ago from Buckaroo Bonzai!).  We never escape from ourselves.  If our attitude lends itself towards complaining we’ll make whomever is with us miserable with us.  If our attitude lends itself toward happiness and joy — our companions are benefitted and enlivened.

While staying at an RV park like this — for some extended length of time — one gets past the polite niceties of the day and you get to know folks more deeply.  You see and hear more of their lives, their inclinations,  their aches and pains or their joys.  And goodness knows RV’ers love to talk!  Finding a balance between how much of that I choose to listen to, and how much I need to step aside and avoid it is always a fine balance. I may be a chatterbox one on one, but in groups I tend find a corner and listen.  People sometimes take that to mean I actually want to know more about them than might be the case;  I find it hard to be a skilled listener — one who is able to control the amount of other people’s lives that wash over my heart.  Too often people who find a non-talker assume that means the person is also a good listener and the two aren’t the same.

We’ve been laying low the last few days.  Resting up, getting over the pre-election, and the election, puttering around with my computer problems, and testing out the new waffle maker — which is working out just fine!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat.  Why not stop and say hi!



6 thoughts on “Finally Starting to Relax

  1. Gorgeous pictures…and has it been five years already???

    BTW, you have a duplicate paragraph…seems you pasted the same paragraph twice in one post, but in different places. I thought I had a deja vu moment.


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