Racing Pulse

I’m still having a hard time settling in. I keep thinking I’m settling in, and then I realize that’s really not true.  I’ve had us out and about every day until now getting reacuainted, getting parts, investigating; today is the first day we may stay at home all day — and another part of me says: “It’s about time…!”  So, I have been feeling like my pulse is racing — except it isn’t — it’s just my brain that wont settle.

I’ve been working on little projects which I’ve already shared.  I finalized a couple purchases I had been putting off until we arrived and had a shipping address. And while moving electronic components around I did something to hang up my server resulting in computer problems I really didn’t want to deal with in the first place.  I ordered in a couple small components and until they arrive on Tuesday my office and server project is in abbeyance — forcing me to sit back and relax.

Port Isabel Lighthouse

I love the lighthouse at Port Isabel, across the water from Padre Island.

Healthwise I’m feeling fine.  We’re both feeling fine.  We’re trying to be good about getting in a couple mile walk early in the morning before it gets too warm.  We’re still adjusting to the different weather;  the air is heavier here — not to the point of having breathing difficulty — but it’s noticeable (to us).  We have often talked about whether we want to be quite this far South.  Neither of us likes it HOT; but Los Fresnos is the only place that has felt like a real possibility for a regular Winter home.  So, we’re paying close attention to how we are feeling this winter.  (A topic that clearly has become a bigger part of life since last year’s cardiac diagnosis and the sinking in of the fact that we really are getting older! — something I have been avoiding like the plague.)

Do you like waffles? My biggest dietary weakness is my love of anything bread.  From real artisanal bread, to biscuits, to pancakes and waffles I sometimes think I could live on bread.  vintage-1950s-sunbeam-wwii-waffle-makerFor a long time it seems pancakes or waffles have been a regular Saturday morning breakfast for us — far longer back than our entry into RV’ing.  When we married we sort of inherited my parent WWII era waffle iron (or maybe we commandeered it)!  We used that until — well — until we downsized to go RV’ing.  I have been just fine with not having all the kitchen gadgets we once enjoyed but the lack of a waffle maker has been niggling at me.  chefs-choice-waffle-makerSo I gave in.   I ordered a classig waffle maker from Amazon and I can’t wait till it gets here!

Which brings back fond memories of life at home as a child.

When my dad was single he used to go to the local Walgreens store to buy a PINT of ice cream — which he would eat by himself — sometimes out of the cardboard container.

When dad married my mom life got difficult.  Suddenly he found himself SHARING his pint of ice cream; a practice of which he was not overly happy.  And then I came along.  It was time for a change and he started buying 1/2 gallon containers of Walgreens ice cream and took to slicing pieces of ice cream off the end of the chunk of ice cream.  waffle-and-ice-cream

When they had grown prosperous enough as a couple to purchase the waffle maker they tried something different: Waffles and Ice Cream.  Of course in those days they didn’t bother wasting money to buy an ice cream scoop — slice-of-ice-creamso dad continued his tradition of slicing a piece of ice cream right off the end of the 1/2 gallon chunk and voila, a new family tradition was invented.  I can’t begin to count the number of Sunday evenings that our evening meal was a couple waffles and thin slices of ice cream on tops.  Yum Oh!

Between the trip down (during which our diet was interrupted) and a couple celebratory meals down here (hot and sour soup, and shrimp, shrimp, shrimp) my weight is up a bit — so back to the game plan.  I have a goal to reach before next spring and unless I get with the program I’m not going to make it.  That is more important to me than trying a little of everything — as much a temptation as that might be.   If I wanna hang out on this earth a few more years that is important.  We’ve talked a bit about that between ourselves and even though the park here has lots of food related events:  holiday meals, special BBQ meals, breakfasts on Saturday, Pot Lucks on Monday, Happy Hour on Friday, Ice Cream socials on Sunday — we’re going to absent ourselves from most of them. The problem with social eating is you either over eat on your own — or people encourage you to over eat. Neither of which are in my best interests at present.  We’ll enjoy being here in other ways than social eating this year.

There you have another day.  Thanks for stopping, and I’ll be here again tomorrow. Why not stop and chat.



10 thoughts on “Racing Pulse

  1. @”I love the lighthouse at Port Isabel, across the water from Padre Island…” – I did love it, too… 🙂
    * * *
    speaking of waffles and bread, you’d be really “spoiled” here, in France… 😉


  2. Not now or ever in my life have I been a breakfast person, growing up the concept of waffles or pancakes appealed to me for the ritual/ceremony of their infrequent occurrence – three or fur bites in I was done. Odd because I love carbs. Then I discovered chicken and waffles, the magic combination of salty and sweet. Oh man, that’s the way to serve waffles.


    1. Salty & Sweet — amazing how that combination appeals to so many of us!

      Like you — most of my life I was not a breakfast fan. Until I retired I’d have coffee for breakfast (most of the time) and not eat anything until dinner, having coffee for lunch too. Actually, having coffee all day long. Rarely did I feel hungry before Peggy got home at the end of her day.

      Since retiring life is completely different. We usually eat meals around 9:30 and 3:00 and then we might have some nuts, or yogurt & granola, or fresh fruit around 8 or 9 p.m. Un orthodox but it works for us most of the time.


      Liked by 1 person

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