All Cleaned and Polished Up!

Thursday was Wash day.  For Peggy and the laundry.  For Peter and the coach. There are two companies (three brothers really) who offer RV wash & wax services and Serendipity has been needing a good clean for a few months already.  Living under the trees in the forest resulted in a lot of sap on the roof and sides and I have been eager to get that all cleaned off.


Dont you love to see the reflection in the paint on your RV?  I do!

I know a lot of people would get out there and wash & wax their own coach/trailer/5th wheel.  But I have a crazy idea that if you can afford a big rig and do what other people only dream about that maybe we have some kind of obligation to patronize the people who service the industry we rely upon.  I know that often means spending $$$$$ — and I’d guess that usually it means spending MORE $$$$$ than any of us want to spend — but a lot of folks can only dream of doing what we’re doing and maybe it’s just ‘right’ pass a little along.

When I was young and in school I remember studying an expression that doesn’t really apply to RV’ers but perhaps there’s a lesson or a reminder in the concept of noblesse oblige. Sure it’s easy to spend every night on a trip parked on a Walmart parking lot, and it’s cheaper than a campground too!  Admitedly we do that on rare occasions; and the companies that allow it know that most RV’ers will walk into the store and spend as much or more as if they were spending at a campground — but it’s the idea of things.  Those kind of  allowed ‘perks’ are supposed to periodic things, not a way of life.  I hope that most RV’ers don’t buy an RV just because they think it’s a cheaper way of living and they can get away with not spending money for the necessities of site rentals.


She looks purdy…..

At any rate…. paying to get your RV repaired, cleaned, stored during seasons when you aren’t using it — these are all part of the RV lifestyle landscape.  They are things we all cope with and determine our own attitudes toward. Some of us will adopt one attitude, others another attitude.  It’s just like politics. 🙂  Personally, I think it’s partly a responsibility to patronize those folks who support our lifestyle.

I got out our bubble wrap insulation last night.  After the wash & wax guys leave I’ll insert the bubble wrap into the driver’s side of the windscreen.


If you haven’t tried the mylar bubble wrap insulation you should.  It doesn’t look like anything ‘designer’ but it’s great in cutting heat loss and preventing heat gain through the windshield.

We never open the curtains on that side anyway and keeping the heat out during the hot weather and the warmth in during the cold weather is important to the quality of our life.

If you haven’t used mylar bubble wrap insulation in your RV you should give it some thought.  It’s inexpensive.  You can reuse it from year to year. It’s lightweight. It’s available in 12 inch rolls and in 4 foot rolls.  I know RV’ers who have lined the inside of their cabinets with it (we haven’t).  You can cut segments to insert in windows and other places.  Think about it!

That’s about it for Thursday.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be here again to chat tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “All Cleaned and Polished Up!

    1. Your concern is the reason we have never put bubble wrap in the cabinets. I know we could save a little heat that way but I am scared to death of mold and my health is worth more than a few pennies or a lot of dollars.

      No one who has done that has ever said anything — either way. But when we were in Oregon we used our dehumidifier a LOT — of course we were there in the WINTER. We also had a couple get extremely sick because they came from DRY Utah and didn’t address leaks in their 5th wheel — they left in less than a month quite ill and upset even though we’d warned them about what they needed to do.

      Never take chances with mold. Ever.

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    1. LOL!

      You hit a ponder I’ve had about that expression. Whenever I’ve heard people saying that I’ve never known if they were talking about the beauty of the object being looked at — or the beauty of their reflection, being a sort of self-appreciation moment. 🙂

      Just waking up on a dreary Saturday morning


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      1. I woke up early to have coffee with a friend and came home and went back to sleep…so I’m just waking up to a nice sunny day!


      2. I think we’re going to go to the South Padre Birding Center today; buy our annual pass to support the center and enjoy the birds and the bay…

        I find that place a particularly calming place even though it’s a privately operated facility rather than a wildlife refuge.


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      3. Lovely day for it too. Some folks saw European Wigeons — but we didn’t. Quite rare in this part of the world. LOTS and LOTS of birds here at the moment!


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