SLOW down…

Do you have the same problem I do: slowing down when you reach your destination? I’m not good at Rapid Deceleration!


A Brown Pelican in Final Descent!

The nature of our trip makes no difference at the end.  Sometimes we poke along liesurely like.  Other times we hot-foot across country like mad-men.  But at the end of the line, when the wheels have stopped turning — my body usually says:  “I’m not done yet.” The first day or two on site are a bit fidgety and overactive.

Typically, we setup in the afternoon at a new location and take a Familiarity Drive.  We didn’t do it this time, I’m not sure if we consciously didn’t do it because we’re familiar with our surroundings?  Because even when we’ve been some place before we usually do!  This year we got set up and hopped in the pool.  Maybe that’s because we rarely stay at a place with a pool.

We spent part of Wednesday chasing around like chickens with our heads cut off.  Refreshing our minds about the merchants we liked best last time around, walking through a couple stores to see what might have changed.  (What do you know, the same stores where 2 years ago we did NOT find bean coffee now carry it!  Hooray! — I don’t even mind that we brought some of our favorite along with us, this is a good step in my mind) While out, I also gave in and stopped at our favorite Chinese place in Brownsville to get my fix of Hot and Sour soup!  We haven’t had Chinese all summer long and I’ve been jonesing!


Linn’s really does have nice Hot and Sour soup.  It’s HOT, AND it’s also SOUR.  So often Chinese restaurants make it either hot or sour but not both!  My tastebuds were happy!

We did do our weekly grocery shopping while we were out, and of course, and had time to hop in the pool too.

Word around the park is that we’ll be 85% full.  That will be quite a difference from what we saw 2 years ago.  But I think the new ownership is making up for damage done by the previous managers — which we’re happy to hear.  We also heard from the current manager that they were quite busy during the summer with contractors — that’s great because the more customers overall the lower the rent raises over time and the happier the campers who over-winter here!

I made a point of taking some shots of the open spaces you can see at the beginning of the season. That will change day by day as winter residents show up.


Even though we are sited between two permanent trailers this is our view out the windscreen!

This is our first time to arrive for the “winter” season in November.  Two years ago we didn’t show up until December and people kept telling us how nice it was in November, so we intentionally decided to see what life was like in November.  We’re still learning how to be winter snowbirds!

20161102095756322And I needed to post this picture of our lonely palm tree.  Two years ago when we were on the main road into the RV park we chose a site that had a streetside tree.  This year because we wanted to face the opposite direction we didn’t get a nice little tree, but we did get a taller palm!  Kathryn has a thing about palms. Might have something to do with not having palm trees in Wisconsin!!!! Here you can see that we do in fact have a palm.  It’s OK, Kathryn, you can still come and visit us!  We’ve got a palm tree! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat. Why not stop and say hi!


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