Arrived and Settling In

The trip from Mustang Island to Los Fresnos was duck soup. Light traffic, sunny skies, lower 80 temps.  We pulled in around noon, expected and greeted by the new camp hosts, a couple named Joe and Jean — a couple we remember for two years ago.  They’ve become full time residents here at the campground and Joe makes a great host!

When we made our reservation the easiest first step was to reserve a site near our prior location.  But I’ve had it in the back of my mind that I might like to relocate to a different site.  Two years ago we faced the West and our curbside large awning opened on the North side.  There were a few unreserved sites available on the Western boundary of the park — and after some thinking we settled on one at the far South side of the resort.  Further from the highway, on the smoothest of the camp roads, and slightly elevated so that excessive rain will drain to the street and away from us.  We have no neighbor behind us — rather we have a view out the office window of a nice prairie / field and we should have a killer view of the sunset — although as I write this at 7:30 — we’ve missed the first sunset of our stay.20161101150052305

This park was sold last yaer in September.  The old managers were given the heave-ho and the new manager is actually one of the office staff who had been here under the leadership of the former manager.  She seemed to do much of the work then, and she’s still doing a whiz bang job.  She remembered us; we had a nice catch up and it feels good to be back here.  We’re paid up for 4 months, and wehther we stay longer will depend on how things go and what we decide about our route back home.

We were set up enough within a couple hours to take a break and head to the pool. The pool and hot tub were drained and improved over the summer and it was a lovely 86º when we dipped our tootsies and got to chatting with the few campers who were hanging at the pool.

One would expect that there would be gossip to catch up on.  I’m not much for telling tales, but our companions at the pool couldn’t be deterred from bringing us up to date on what had happened last year in our absence.  It’s good to know how things happened.  I’ve heard the story now from a couple people and as always the truth is someplace else.  But the improvements in the campground are real, more are rumored to be in the works, and there’s reason to expect them to be carried forward.


Blue Bell Ice Cream — it’s a must eat when you’re here!  We did. 

Some months ago the Blue Bell company had some issues with food contamination and the supply of ice cream was cut off for months to Texas.  Now, ice cream isn’t a major food group.  And it’s not exactly mandatory eating — I’m not sure there are any essential nutrients we would fall short of if we didn’t eat Ice Cream — but now that the supply was turned back on we had to have a few bites.  So we did!  The Seven Seas Market in Jamaica Beach was well stocked and we stopped in there on Saturday for a couple pints.  I guess we can say we’re Texans now.  We’ve eaten our Blue Bell Ice Cream — at least the first dose.  I’m not sure how often we have to re-dose; or whether we’ll suffer from withdrawal if we neglect eating more.  But here’s to finding out!  Go Blue Bell!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat.



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