Mustang Island Here We Come


The sign at Mustang Island State Park as you turn out of the reception area and head towards the beach & campgrounds!

Sunday morning and time to cast off lines as it were and continue our journey Southward!oct30 It’s a fun drive, mostly 2 lane and back roads. I don’t think there’s a U.S. highway along the route.  It’ll be a fun ride on a Sunday morning.

We’ll be staying two nights at Mustang Island State Park.  For one thing we’ll get credit because of our annual park permit purchase for one free night stay.  For another we’ve known other RV’ers who love this place and we decided it was time to give it a try.

Two years ago when Katy was visiting we drove through on our way to San Antonio (I think it was) — and it impressed.  So, here we are.  The attraction here is the Surf.  The Beach. Whatever you want to call it — the water.  The campground itself is pretty basic.  50 amp power to sites, but no water, no sewer.  You’re right out in the elements on an asphalt parking lot with a charcoal grill, a picnic table, and a small pergola to keep some of the sun off your pate. 20161031090054300

We had rain Monday morning. The parking lot at the beach was flooded. I took these photos earlier than the rain when everything still looked dry!



This is an area where sudden rains are not unheard of and our drive into Corpus Christi to change the oil on our CR-V was one of the heavier downpours I’ve lived through.  Of course we ended up OFF the causeway route because someone had been driving too hard for conditions, hydroplaned, and made a mess of things.  At least it was after we cleared the causeway and there was an alternate road to exit TO.  I’m not afraid to drive fast, but I do pay attention to road conditions and I’m always amazed that the people who seem to pass me the fasted are sometimes the very ones you see a few miles down the road in trouble.


The Port Aransas/Aransas Pass Ferry

Our Sunday trip included the short ferry ride at Aransas Pass/Port Aransas.  This year’s route was slightly different than 2 years ago when we spent Thanksgiving at Matagorda. We didn’t need to stay quite as close to the Gulf so TX-35 was our traveling companion most of the way to Aransas Pass.

Sunday afternoon we got settled into our site in short order.  The coach is behaving nicely except for the water pump.  We’ve developed a hammering (like air the pipes in a conventional home — where you’d solve the problem with an air gap fitting.) that I’ll have to look at when we get to Los Fresnos.


I think our problem is that someone installed our Shurflow water screen wrong-side up, allowing air bubbles to get trapped in the sight glass.  This is available with barbs and with threads — when I know which I have I’ll flip it 180º and that should fix the problem.  But I don’t want to mess with that until I’m near an RV shop because if it’s threaded I don’t want to risk breaking the part by turning it in too tightly.

At some point the original water pump had been replaced and

At any rate, we got the oil changed on Monday, made our first provisioning trip to H-E-B and had a nice relaxing day.  H-E-B is a Texas grocery chain and we like them a lot.  AS with Walmart and Target and others they have started putting up extra large stores carrying more than just groceries.  The store in Corpus Christi that we visited was like that with wonderful produce sections, a great fresh seafood counter, terrific deli section as well as good variety of other products.  We do enjoy our trips to the market here.  The big ones and the little roadside stands alike. And at THIS particular store we actually saw bulk coffee.  Maybe we didn’t need to bring along our own?  Have to see what the stores in the Brownsville/Harlingen area have.  Perhaps they’ve finally gotten the message.  I hope, I hope, I hope.

Tuesday we do the last leg of our journey another +/- 160 miles to Los Fresnos.nov1  We’ll get a leisurely start (for us) and try to get settled in for the winter.  With temps in the 80’s every day since arriving in Texas we are adjusting to the warmth.  The humidty along the coast here at Mustang Island had us turning on the A/C for a while;  I’m still curious to see how I cope with the weather here.  With my heart issues resolved through medicine I’m really curious to see if I do better than on the last trip.  Only time will tell.


I’m trusting that the Palmdale won’t look much different than it did 2 years ago when we left.  Peg was eager to tell me that in a few more hours all our questions will be answered.  Assuming that Palmdale was the only place I had questions about I guess that’s true! 🙂

Last year was the only year since going full time in the RV that I was not excited about where to spend the winter.palmdaleentry1 This year we didn’t have the uncertainty of when we might leave Milwaukee so there was nothing to stanch our enthusiasm; and we didn’t have to keep making new versions of our winter plan.  I’m eager to get settled in, to meet old and new friends, to spend time at the pool — spi-birdingthat’s always a big thing for me, and to spend time at the refuges:  both the Federal ones and the local refuge at South Padre Island.

That’s it for Sunday and Monday.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be here to chat again in the morning.  Have a great day, and don’t worry, the election will be over in a little more than a week and maybe life will get a little more civil again — though I have my doubts.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Mustang Island Here We Come

  1. We really enjoyed our four nights at Mustang Island two years ago. Everything was flooded when we got there and we set up camp in ankle deep water. Our site was drained by the next morning but other sites weren’t so lucky. Our site had water and electric. Wishing you safe travels for the rest of your journey

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