Galveston Island State Park


waiting in line at Bolivar for the ferry

The trip to Galveston was a short jaunt. If you’re traveling West near Beaumont TX and want to go South along the coastline there are several routes available.  The supposedly “fastest” route is to take I-10 from Beaumont into Houston and down I-45 to Galveston.  But taking the shoreline route is actually fewer miles and you avoid a great deal of traffic and opportunity for accidents.  I love to avoid opportunity for accidents!


From Beaumont to Galveston there are three basic routes.

From Galveston you can continue South to the end of Galveston Island and exit into Freeport — moseying south from there.  Which was our plan for this trip.

If you have used Texas State Parks you probably know what I’m about to say, but the Texas Park System has an annual park pass system that is worth looking into.  For $70.00 you get unlimited access for you and your guests (presumably in the same car) whereas the daily use fee is $5.00 per person.  The park pass also gives you 1/2 price off on the second night of multi-night reservations for 4 such uses — only one use being allowed with each stay.  When we arrived at Galveston Island State Park we paid for our annual pass and immediately paid ourselves back $40.00 for this first stay.  By the time we leave Mustang Island we will have pretty much paid for the pass and wherever we stay on the way back North we’ll be money ahead.  It’s a good deal.  Look into it, do the math, and have fun.


The view out our lounge window; on the Bay Side of the park. I like it a bit better here than on the Gulf side — it’s a bit less breezy.

This is our second stay here, we’re two sites over from our location 2 years ago — the year of horizontal rain and the dread-red-light on our Norcold.  We have had zero regrets about changing out the refrigerator for a home version and it’s been in place almost 1 year now. 20161027135559258I’m hoping this visit to Galveston will be more pleasant.  The weather 2 years ago had us arriving in a storm, much of our time here the winds were strong enough that we pulled in our slides on the windward side to save the toppers.  Right now we’re looking good for our stay.

I’m not sure that holds true for our arrival at Palmdale!  You know us; we’re the rain magnets and I was amused to see the forecast for the coming week at our destination.  Rain two days before we arrive; rain the day we arrive; rain for the next three days.  Oh goody! 🙂

Granted, the forecast can and will change several times between now and then, but sometimes it’s laughable the way we make plans and wait to see how they’ll turn out. 🙂


There you have it.  We’re settled in for another couple nights.  Enjoying the sun, and the warmth and the seafood.  Life is good. Thanks for stopping and I’ll be here again tomorrow; why not stop and say hi!




5 thoughts on “Galveston Island State Park

  1. Love seafood!!!! I hope your neighbor with all the dogs is only there for a short trip…that would really annoy me. I like animals but that many makes it impossible to not infringe on another’s peace. 😦


    1. The dogs one RV over were the yappy ones, so the closer RV blocked out some of their noise.

      I appreciate pet owners love for their dogs but some of them do not realize that what they consider cute and lovable may be quite annoying to other people — and when you’re in a public place — which a campground is — you ought to have some responsibility for keeping the NOISE of your pets INSIDE YOUR OWN SITE. If I can hear it two sites over that is not being considerate. It’s being rude.



      1. Agreed…but the yappy dogs are the worst because their sound is constant and carries farther…I wonder if it’s the pitch?


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