Will I Ever Eat a Fish Taco?

I just thought I’d throw this out there.

I’m 69 years old and I’ve never eaten a fish taco.  I lo

Fish Tacos

Marinated striped bass tacos with cabbage slaw, and fresh salsa.

ve fish.  I’m not so keen on tacos.  Why can’t I convince myself to ‘waste’ a meal and at least try a fish taco?  I eat other Mexican food.  I like Mexican food.

What I don’t like is food that breaks while you’re trying to eat it.  I don’t like sammiches, for the same reason.  They start out neat and about half way through them “stuff” is falling out all over the place.

I just don’t get it.  Everyone I know likes them.  Or at least I think everyone I know likes them.  But I’m not moved.  I won’t even go into the thing about seafood and cheese — though plenty of good chefs mix fish and cheese — still there’s this thing about not combining them.  It’s not a critical point either way for me.  Cheese or no cheese — I’m still not excited about fish tacos.

We’re going to be near the Gulf for 4 months or more.  We’re going to be in S. Texas for 4 months or more.  There are two reasons why I should eat fish tacos.  But with so many other wonderful combinations that I love, or that I’d love to try;  why should I waste a meal on fish tacos when I could have something I really want?

There’s nothing earth shattering about this post.  And I’m not a picky eater.  Heck, I’ve eaten Iguana, snails, you name it — if it’s not an insect I’ve probably eaten it. I just can’t get excite about fish tacos.

What food fails to get YOU excited?

Thanks for stopping, and I’ll be here again tomorow.  Stop by and say hi!


11 thoughts on “Will I Ever Eat a Fish Taco?

  1. I tried fish tacos this year and I do like them, mine were soft tacos…no breakage. Foods that I just can’t get into…Cajun. No interest at all. The spices don’t appeal to me, though I will make an exception to shrimp gumbo. I like that.

    For many years I would not eat Indian food. I had it once in Berkley and the spices didn’t agree with me. When I was teaching, it was customary to have the teacher over for dinner and I was asked many times but kept making excuses on why I couldn’t attend. I finally confided in one parent that I didn’t like Indian food, to which she replied…you got bad food. I will make you a meal that you will like. So I accepted her offer and though in the end, she did not make it…she did serve me quite a few dishes that I really enjoyed. This opened the door to trying more Indian food later.

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    1. My problem is that there are very few foods I don’t like; love even. I like spice, and most ethnic seasonings of almost any ethnicity. I like heat — but not incendiary heat. If it makes the food taste better that’s one thing; heat for the sake of heat I tire of quickly.

      Indian is lovely — in fact one of our fav restos in N. Wisconsin is a vegan place in St. Croix Falls that is Indian — the chef came half way around the world to cook there and he’s wonderful.

      Anything East of the Atlantic I’m game for except maybe Lutefisk and Camembert — I even like other blue cheeses, just not camembert!



  2. Read the post title and laughed out loud. (For the record I love fish tacos but you have to eat them right away while fish is crunchy, and pickled onion is a must ) That said, my laughter stemmed from 6 days in Mexico City embracing street food – suffice to say we don’t travel in touristy circles, and no part of the animal goes to waste. True conversation – my husband asks “do you think this is a bean or pig testicle?” My daughter replies “if it’s pig balls they sure know how to cook them” Me “tastes pretty good, lets call it a bean and eat up” 🙂


    1. LOL — ah yes…. street food. 🙂

      I’ve eaten all sorts of stuff without a wince. Maybe I just don’t like breakable food. (to which we were at a place yesterday and someone ordered a soft fish taco – so I know that’s an option!!!) Somehow I’d just as soon have my fish fillet, and my salad, and my bread on a plate, thank you very much.

      OH — and about those pig testicles — I really think that there’s a SIGNIFICANT size difference between a BEAN and a pig’s TESTICLE. No?

      Love your daughter’s comment.

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