Will I Ever Eat a Fish Taco?

I just thought I’d throw this out there.

I’m 69 years old and I’ve never eaten a fish taco.  I lo

Fish Tacos
Marinated striped bass tacos with cabbage slaw, and fresh salsa.

ve fish.  I’m not so keen on tacos.  Why can’t I convince myself to ‘waste’ a meal and at least try a fish taco?  I eat other Mexican food.  I like Mexican food.

What I don’t like is food that breaks while you’re trying to eat it.  I don’t like sammiches, for the same reason.  They start out neat and about half way through them “stuff” is falling out all over the place.

I just don’t get it.  Everyone I know likes them.  Or at least I think everyone I know likes them.  But I’m not moved.  I won’t even go into the thing about seafood and cheese — though plenty of good chefs mix fish and cheese — still there’s this thing about not combining them.  It’s not a critical point either way for me.  Cheese or no cheese — I’m still not excited about fish tacos.

We’re going to be near the Gulf for 4 months or more.  We’re going to be in S. Texas for 4 months or more.  There are two reasons why I should eat fish tacos.  But with so many other wonderful combinations that I love, or that I’d love to try;  why should I waste a meal on fish tacos when I could have something I really want?

There’s nothing earth shattering about this post.  And I’m not a picky eater.  Heck, I’ve eaten Iguana, snails, you name it — if it’s not an insect I’ve probably eaten it. I just can’t get excite about fish tacos.

What food fails to get YOU excited?

Thanks for stopping, and I’ll be here again tomorow.  Stop by and say hi!



  1. I tried fish tacos this year and I do like them, mine were soft tacos…no breakage. Foods that I just can’t get into…Cajun. No interest at all. The spices don’t appeal to me, though I will make an exception to shrimp gumbo. I like that.

    For many years I would not eat Indian food. I had it once in Berkley and the spices didn’t agree with me. When I was teaching, it was customary to have the teacher over for dinner and I was asked many times but kept making excuses on why I couldn’t attend. I finally confided in one parent that I didn’t like Indian food, to which she replied…you got bad food. I will make you a meal that you will like. So I accepted her offer and though in the end, she did not make it…she did serve me quite a few dishes that I really enjoyed. This opened the door to trying more Indian food later.

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    1. My problem is that there are very few foods I don’t like; love even. I like spice, and most ethnic seasonings of almost any ethnicity. I like heat — but not incendiary heat. If it makes the food taste better that’s one thing; heat for the sake of heat I tire of quickly.

      Indian is lovely — in fact one of our fav restos in N. Wisconsin is a vegan place in St. Croix Falls that is Indian — the chef came half way around the world to cook there and he’s wonderful.

      Anything East of the Atlantic I’m game for except maybe Lutefisk and Camembert — I even like other blue cheeses, just not camembert!



  2. Read the post title and laughed out loud. (For the record I love fish tacos but you have to eat them right away while fish is crunchy, and pickled onion is a must ) That said, my laughter stemmed from 6 days in Mexico City embracing street food – suffice to say we don’t travel in touristy circles, and no part of the animal goes to waste. True conversation – my husband asks “do you think this is a bean or pig testicle?” My daughter replies “if it’s pig balls they sure know how to cook them” Me “tastes pretty good, lets call it a bean and eat up” 🙂


    1. LOL — ah yes…. street food. 🙂

      I’ve eaten all sorts of stuff without a wince. Maybe I just don’t like breakable food. (to which we were at a place yesterday and someone ordered a soft fish taco – so I know that’s an option!!!) Somehow I’d just as soon have my fish fillet, and my salad, and my bread on a plate, thank you very much.

      OH — and about those pig testicles — I really think that there’s a SIGNIFICANT size difference between a BEAN and a pig’s TESTICLE. No?

      Love your daughter’s comment.

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