Texas Here We Come

oct25Finally we’re hitting a spate of great weather.  And another good travel day!  We hit 83º yesterday with a low around 50º.  Can’t ask for much better than that! The route is primarily Interstate to Texarkana, and then US highways the rest of the way.

Our stay here has been brief by interesting.  When I sent photos back home to our daughter she responded by saying “Not what I expected” and I guess that was kind of my take on Hot Springs as well.  It’s a curious little town — well, not so little but still caught up in it’s littleness.  I’m not sure you know what I mean by that.  As a Wisconsinite I’m familiar with how the Wisconsin Dells / Lake Delton area has grown and grown because of the influx of summer tourists — and yet there the winter population is a small percentage of the summer population.  Here the tourism attraction is more more year round but the linear city development has that same tourist town feeling.  And of course the real reason for Hot Springs existence remains but the nature of the attraction has completely changed from coming here for the baths, to coming here to see what people used to do.

Fortunately, our arrival here was far easier than it had been years ago.20161024115921189

And I wonder whether today’s travelers would still be as determined to get here as those of an era long gone might have been?  20161024115845187

There is also the reminder of why I’m glad I live now, and not back then.


But…  We had fun, we enjoyed being on the edge of De Gray Lake, and now it’s time to move on.

We had 80 miles of Interstate and the morning fog lasted at least that long.  After a quick stop at the Texas Information Center (Texarkana) we headed South on US-69.  And I have to say that driving in Texas is almost always fun.  Without the drastic weather we see in Wisconsin, their roads hold up better than our Wisconsin tundra roads.  I’ll take pretty much any US highway and most Texas State roads, includine the Farm to Market roads most any day!

About half way to our destination I had one of those seminal moments in life.  We were on two-lane highway, gently rolling with a few curves but not overly twisty, the sun was high, the sky was clear, Peggy was sittin next to me looking out our giant picture window windscreen and life was just — PERFECT.  These are the days, and the moments that I love the most on the road.  The times when we are seeing new territory, the weather is fine, we’re both feeling healthy and as if we own the world (though we don’t own much of anything) –this is what RV’ing is all about for me.  It’s not anything grand — we aren’t climbing new heights or reaching new depths — but in the moment all is perfect.

Hanks Creek is the first Corps campground that we’ve visited in a long time where we have had zero connectivity.  It feels funny not to be able to get online — I’m data addicted — I admit it.  So, I’m writing this hoping that the text will stay in memory until I can post it. — and it turns out that the WordPress.App doesn’t know how to do that.  Oh well… we’ll just drop back and punt.

Hang in there, I’ll be back online soon enough.


2 thoughts on “Texas Here We Come

  1. Hopefully you and Peg are finally bringing some Fall weather with you. Autumn is taking its sweet time this year, it seems, but later this week look promising… mid 70s and mid 40s… our “perfect.” Hope your drive continues to be as nice as the one you described here.

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    1. Weather is holding for us. Still pretty hot. Could cool off a bit but we’ll take it over snow.
      As of tonight we have only 160 miles to go. (blog is a few days behind on purpose)
      Looking forward to BEING where we want to BE!


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