Hanging on the Edge


Our position on our GPS…. right on the edge!

It’s Monday, we’re still hangin’ on the edge of the hill and we had an amazing night’s sleep!  Out of 59 sites I believe there are 6 sites occupied and we can see two other units but they’r the better part of a football field away! As I mentioned earlier, the facility is older, but the restrooms are well cared for.  not my circus not my monkeyThe hosts aren’t quite as diligent about litter as I might like to see, but hey — it’s not my circus and these aren’t my monkeys!

Hot Springs National Park is a little unusual as National Parks go.  The reason people came here — originally — was because of the hot baths so what has been commemmorated is that ‘lifestyle’ complete with bath houses, a museum including the bizarre electrical gadgets that people once used to achieve relaxation and ‘better health’ and the natural beauty of the area.  The Grand Canyon it isn’t.  I’m not sure how many people would be WoWed by the setting — though it is beautiful.  But the scenery is basically Arkansas — there’s a lot just as beautiful outside the park, or to be found in any of several national FORESTS.  You come here because of the baths and the history.


My parents used to like to visit here.  Once they retired I vaguely remember 4 or 5 visits.  It was a two day drive (by car) from Milwaukee and they loved to people watch — there’s a lot of people watching to be done here.

20161024120353196They would “take a bath” on one day and for the remaining several days of their stay they would find a few park benches and enjoy the parade of park visitors.  The two of us aren’t quite that laid back yet.  We don’t sit on a park bench for a day at a time, but there are still plenty of people visiting and plenty of people to watch!

We also checked out Arlie Moore Campground — one of our alternatives for this stay and it’s nice.  About the same age as Iron Mountain, but with sites that are a little easier to fit into for units our size.  Next visit we might try staying there instead of here. That’s enough for now.  I want to save all of Hot Springs for it’s own post. Thanks for stopping and tomorrow I’ll talk a bit about Hot Springs.


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