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Time to Move On

Our month in Milwaukee is at an end. It’s been a good month, and if nothing else we’ve gotten out of our Highland Ridge routine — by golly, we’ve gotten out of any kind of routine at all!october19 So, even if our month weren’t up, it would be a good time to start heading South. We need the motivation of new sights and sounds.

We’ve been trying to keep up with our walking, but we haven’t been as diligent as we should have been. It’s easy to find excuses, but the fact of the matter is we haven’t been “good” and it’s time to get  back on our program.

This first leg of our trip is the longest. Our other daily drives should all be under 300 miles, if not by a lot, at least by a little.  These being roads we’re most familiar with, I’m not minding a slightly longer drive and too-familiar-scenery. In the past we were accustomed to having friends in Springfield IL. This is our first time to drive this route in a decade with no friends to visit along the way.


It was a beautiful start to the day as we prepared to leave Milwaukee.

Our overnight will be the Dam West campground — a Corps of Engineers site we’ve not visited before.  In fact, we’ll be stopping off at 4 such never-before-visited Corps campgrounds.  I’m looking forward to all of them. We haven’t explored any new Corps campgrounds since last Spring, but we’ve yet to find one that we haven’t liked.


The dam here at the Carlyle Reservoir is one of the longest dams I’ve seen. You cant see them, but there are is a raft of American Pelicans staging here on their journey South — must be over a hundred!

It’ll be two nights at all of our stops except for one stop that we don’t have reservations for — near Hot Springs — and that campground is walk-in’s only this time of year.

The campground here is typical CORPS quality.  In this case all the sites are paved.  There is electric but not water or sewer at the sites.  They are nicely spaced and there’s a fair amount of tree cover — Maples and Oaks.  It seems we always end up in Illinois during autumn underneath large oaks.  Ding.  Clunk. Clatter.  Those little acorns make a racket on an RV rooftop! 🙂


Clearly some of our campers here are ready for Halloween!

We had left the hubbub of Milwaukee on a sunny morning, but we arrived in Carlyle in the rain.  It hadn’t run into us long before arriving but once here we listened to the combined pitter patter of acorns and raindrops on the roof all through the night. It’s supposed to dry out a little tomorrow.  I’m hoping.  We still seem to be rain magnets.

Thanks for stopping, and I’ll be here again tomorrow.  Why not check in and see what’s happening.


2 thoughts on “Time to Move On

  1. Linda Sand says:

    You could have gone through Decatur and visited my Dad. I doubt you could get your rig back out of his driveway, though. We were told to park in front of the left garage as their mail carrier uses the space in front of their right one to wye his truck since the road dead ends at Dads house.


    • Linda,

      We actually have a friend (recently re-married) living between Decatur and Springfield. He invited us down to stay in his driveway but this wasn’t the right year to do that, so we passed. 🙂



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