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Forgetting about Weekends

Retired life is like an obstacle course littered with hurdles — the hurdles are weekends. As a retiree I’m not the first to discover that days of the week needn’t have much meaning — one day can be, and often is, just like the next.  But the rest of the world seems to like these 7 day cycles called weeks and finding a campsite (even during the off season) can be challenging.  I’m always getting “stuck” because other people seem to want to do things on Saturdays and Sundays and the days catch me off guard.


Looks like we’ll end up at Carlyle Lake instead of our original plan…

So it was that my route Southward, which I had settled amicably, has now been tweaked.  Even in the off-season the Corps wants reservations for Friday AND Saturday nights on weekends. That wasn’t going to work for us. Other campgrounds we thought to stop at have already been closed (all the IOWA CORPS campgrounds have been closed for 2 weeks already).  So I got out my Magic Twanger (for anyone who remembers the line: “Pluck your magic twanger, Froggy” — but I don’t know how many people remember Andy Devine OR the program Andy’s Kids)

It wasn’t a huge thing, to change plans, just something that I forgot about because…. yup… I wasn’t thinking about those silly days of the week.  In the end I’m glad for the change.  From youth on it always seemed that the first day or two from home on family vacations we always put on a lot of miles.  The “concept” was that we were familiar with the roads and didn’t need to spend much time seeing them over and over again — so mom and dad would often do a 24 hour marathon drive to “get someplace” we weren’t familiar with and our vacation or roadtrip started there. Sort of. Never mind the mad 24 hour dash to get there — not exactly relaxing!!!!

Our original plan had been a short day (164 miles) to Thomson Causeway.  Maybe I was subconsciously longing for the old days?  Or maybe I needed to get further along on the first day?  I don’t know.  All I know is that now we’ll be heading straight South first, and then angle off to the west.  Doing it this way we’ve cut one overnight stop out of our route (making two slightly longer driving days) and we’ve trimmed the overall mileage by making the route slightly direct.  All of our stops can be multiple nights in one place and we won’t spend any nights with Uncle Wally.  😃🤔i-55

We aren’t quite ready to leave yet.  We still have a meeting with our investment guy. I hate talking about money; ever. It’s not a conversation I’ll enjoy but it needs doing once or twice a year.  As we home in on Peggy’s 70 1/2 years the 401K is going to start doing different things and we need to understand what that means to us. Given my attitude about money it’s not surprising that we’ve done all of our other chores and this is the only unfinished chore remaining.  I’d be happy if the world didn’t use money — but I guess I’d be the only one.

Peg has a play-date with a couple gal-pals later in the week.  I’ll pack away the paper shredder and try to get the basement in order for the migration south and a week from now we’ll crank up Serendipity and mosey towards warmer weather.

Thanks for stopping, and check in tomorrow to see what we got up to today.


5 thoughts on “Forgetting about Weekends

  1. Norm says:

    You know they make this thing………………….
    Called a calendar and they put M-F and Sat with a Sunday on it too ! Just saying. LOL


    • Norm, I had a calendar in my office when I was still working. It was not unusual for the calendar to be 2 months off because I never used it. I’ve NEVER been into days of the week, and have not changed at all since retiring. It never even crosses my mind to WONDER what day of the week it might be unless I have to coordinate with someone else. I’m a “We’ll be here two nights” or “We’ll be here two weeks and this is the 5th night — ok, I know what day it is” kind of guy.



  2. DK says:

    And, by heading south, you are heading straight into some high season camping areas. I feel your pain. Everything remotely close to us is booked solid right now on weekends. 😦


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