Drive-about with Kathryn

We lived through the popularity of the Crocodile Dundee  movies and people suddenly talking about going “walkabout” so it’s not surprising if we make up our own words and take a “driveabout” is it?  Saturday was sunny, we were all in a mood for some scenery(even if it’s too early for fall colors where we are — or within an easy 1 day daytrip)  so it’s not surprising that we hopped in the car and made a day of it.  october8

Kathryn didn’t remember having seen the small town where I lived for a few years — and where my parents had a short-lived hardware store.  So, in the absence of any pressing chores to be done, Algoma became the destination for our trip.


You never know what you’re going to see along the way…

We knew it would be a bit early for Fall Colors, but it was a pretty drive anyway.

20161008114313888There are a lot of farms along I-43, North of Milwaukee.  It’s a pleasant ride towards the North Country and Green Bay.  20161008122456889You can see that there’s not a lot of color here yet.  But on a clear day, with good company, what more should you be asking for? 😊

I’ve talked previously about the hardware store that my parents owned in Algoma.  It was a family adventure that dad was sure would be good for the whole family; but he didn’t count on the rise of chain hardware stores like True Value — the likes of which were unknown to that point in history.  Nor did he count on the fact that 2 Poles moving into a Danish community might not be the morst natural match and that the locals would give them a hard time about accepting the new kids on the block into the community.  It turned out that we staye there several years, then sold off some of the inventory and moved the rest to Milwaukee where they set up shop all over again in a building not far (2 blocks) from where Michael and Kathryn live today.  Even in Milwaukee, they only lasted a few years and ultimately the inventory was auctioned off and the store ceased to exist.  No more John’s Lakeside Hardware… sigh.

20161008122910890Today, Algoma is a cute little town.  Not a lot has changed, really.  It’s not all that much bigger or smaller.  It’s one of those towns that time has pretty much forgotten.  The big thing is fishing.  Being right on Lake Michigan with a lovely harbor the summer sees a lot of weekend fishing and a lot of retiree fishing — as well as some commercial boats.  In fact, Bearcats, my favorite place to buy smoked lake fish is right there in Algoma and we had to stop off for a couple pounds of smoked whitefish.  I would have bought smoked chubs, but chubs have been over fished and not many are being taken.

Which is also true of Lake Perch — this year the annual harvest in Lake Erie is down from 2 million pounds to 1 million pounds and the cost is up as a result.  Friday Perch Fish Fry’s are getting a bit pricier too!

From Algoma we headed inland for a glimpse of Lake Winnebago.  It’s Wisconsin’s largest ‘inland’ lake and from our backroad we got a good view of just how large it really is.

By the time we arrived in Fond du Lac it was getting on dinner time so we stopped for a bit at Trepanier’s Backyard Grill, which is a misleading name for an inside restaurant, but our meals were pretty good.  I say that with reservation seeing as Peg is a little under the weather this morning and much of last night. We aren’t sure if she’s just coming down with a bug, or if she had food poisoning.  But we left feeling pretty good.  Not exactly a recommendation, but it is what it is.

While we were gone, Michael was working.  My son in law lives on a different clock.  I know that when I was still working I often lived in my own personal time zone; so does Michael.  He’s still having problems with that foot of his;  I’m afraid it’s coming to a head and he’s going to have to do something about the pain; but for now he’s trying to get some projects finished up.  So, we get to kidnap our daughter and spend time with her whilst he works.  Sorry that he doesn’t get to be part of the fun, but he hears those drums beating and has his marching orders!

We’re down to about 10 days before we leave. Peg’s got friends wanting to meet up for another meal or movie before our departure.  I’m working down my little projects. All the loose details seem to be falling into place.

Thanks for stopping, and I’ll be here to chat tomorrow.  Why not stop and say hi!




2 thoughts on “Drive-about with Kathryn

    1. Smoked fish can be so yummy — but it can also be ruined by bad processing.

      We used to have a good supply of Chubs in our Great Lakes — but we over fished them and the chub supply has dwindled. Smokers, in an attempt to save their businesses have started smoking many more varieties of fish in recent years and they have started using more trendy smoking recipes — and the result (to me) has been a product that is way too dry. Part of what made the chubs so sumptuous was their fat content and the softness of the flesh — now the product is much harder and not nearly as unctuous.

      But…. still worth fighting with all the bone and the skin to get at! 🙂



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