Dress Shopping

Friday our daughter took a day off (actually Friday and this coming Monday) and we all went dress shopping.  Can you guess…. I was completely out of my element.

It was a fun day despite the ‘torture’ of wandering around in department stores and waiting around while women tried on clothes.  We always have a good time, just being together and Friday was no different, even though it was a “different” kind of day. And, in the end it was successful; as we found a mother-of-the-bride dress for Katy.  She’s happy.  The Bride is happy (pictures relayed instantly by message).  Everyone is happy,  and she got a great deal because the dress was on sale, and she got 20% off for opening up a store charge, and then gets another 25% off if she comes back on Wednesday to pick up the dress when the store will be having a special sale.  So, 45% off of a sale price in the first place. Worth giggling over I’d say.


Peg has her dress already — we found that early in our Milwaukee stay. That means it’s only gramps who hasn’t found what he’s going to wear and I’m not sure if I’ll buy a sportcoat and pair of dress slacks while we’re here now, or do it in April when we return for the wedding.  I can pretty much wear a sportcoat off the rack — as long as I find the right size — so it’s never been hard for me to get dresswear.  All in all it was a profitable day;  we checked out a few stores to see which carry clothes in my size — I’m not a tiny guy, and not all stores carry my size in TALL whether or not they carry it in a REGULAR cut.

To celebrate we had lunch out at the newly reopened Crawdaddy’s Rhythm Kitchen.  These guys were in town a few years ago and had a very popular cajun and New Orleans style restaurant and night spot.  They closed about three years ago and everyone was saddened.  This Spring found them opening a new, slightly revised kitchen at a location with better parking and we’ve been waiting for an opportunity to check ’em out.  The food was good.  I would not say the new version is up to the standards set by the closed restaurant, but I’m coming to expect that of successful places that close and then reopen with a new business plan.  It really seems that restauranteurs forget what it was that made them successful in the first place.  But, we had Seafood Etouffe, and Jambalaya, and Shrimp & Grits — along with some bread pudding — so life is still good.  And four stars is almost as good as five stars in my book.

And that’s about as much as I’ll say about our Friday in Milwaukee.  Time is ticking down, but with a couple more days with Katy this weekend — maybe for a short road trip tomorrow and something else on Monday — we’re making sure to get in our family time before we head South. Thanks for stopping and I’ll chat with you tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Dress Shopping

  1. Believe it or not, I am “out of my element” when it comes to shopping malls and big name stores. I have always hated shopping. If I enter a mall, it’s always been more for the food than the shopping. But I do love a bargain. I have to say the best wedding bargain I’ve heard was when my friends Emilie got married. We went to an outlet store and found her bridesmaids dresses for $5.00 each. They were floor length and she wanted calf so she had them altered…we felt so savy walking out with our beautiful dresses…bought at a steal.

    My unprofessional advice is to wait on buying your stuff. Weather and weight may be different in May. I know that I try not to purchase things too far in advance of an event for those reasons.

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    1. Nothing too tricky about buying a herringbone coat. Never out of style and I’m pretty much an “off the rack “ kind of guy. I figured the $200 coat bought for $65.00 was worth the gamble. And the $40 shirt for $9.99 and $40 tie for $10 were worth the gamble too. This is the time of year to buy if you’re buying from Boston Store. When I had to wear suits, this was the time I’d buy my entire year’s wardrobe if I needed changing anything.


      1. A friend of mine who bought for the big stores told me the same thing…I just wish I knew which way my weight would fluctuate. It would be easier to buy clothes. Great bargains!


      2. As for fluctuations. Over the years I have drawn one conclusion about my weight.

        The only way to control it — for me — is to get on the scale every single day. If I’m up one day, then the next day I have to act on that. If I don’t, it simply gets harder and harder to deal with and I get discouraged.

        I still have a bunch of lbs. to go, and I’d like to live a long retirement with Peggy, so I’m just taking it one day at a time. And traveling with my portable scale. 🙂



      3. Yes, I do find I have greater success with the daily weigh in. I’ve started that up again. I also am starting bike riding in the morning.

        I went on holiday, diet wise when we went to New York. Had no idea that it would be so hard to lose the weigh when I got back. Seemed to gain quite easily in one week…not fair!


      4. I wanted my weight to be down for my doctor’s visit and succeeded, but I knew we’d slough off while in Milwaukee. Still and all I’ve done ok. Just have to keep it at the front of my mind — like my belt buckle. 🙂


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