A Star Wars Wedding

Our longtime friend, Debbie, invited us to her son’s wedding.  I’m not sure what to expect.  We’ve been told that the theme is Star Wars.  Supposedly, Chewbacka is performing the service and I have no idea what to wear to the wedding!

I’m not going to post a lot of photos from their wedding.  That’s not my place, but suffice it to say that a little bit of whimsy is a good thing and what matters most is that these two dear hearts make a wonderful life together!

It’s amazing how various people enter your life and stay there.  Peg & Debbie used to work together in the same department at Aurora Health Care.  For a while she lived in the same apartment building with us.  We’ve helped her move houses. We’ve shared laughter together and tears. Now that she moved back to Milwaukee after living in Illinois for 5 or 6 years it’s good to see her so happy and what better way of celebrating her joy than to laugh along with her at her son’s wedding!14492467_10101362344856984_4313184357716373484_n

It seems that right now weddings are a ‘thing’ in our life.  We’re hearing about this wedding and of course there is the planning for our grand-daughter’s wedding next April.  Peg & I had a very small wedding.  I think we were about 38 souls strong at our house wedding and small reception in Northern Illinois.  Almost 48 years later we’re still finding our way together through life.  I hope that some of these young ones that we see are able to achieve the same longevity.  I’ve heard it said that typically the larger the wedding the less certainty of longevity in the marriage.  I have no idea if that’s a real statistical thing or not but I admit it’s something I think about.  The important thing is that the right two people are committed to making a life together;  the wedding is a flash in the pan — a moment in the lifetime of a marriage.  Unfortunately there can be hard feelings originated during wedding planning that never heal.  Or the wedding can serve as a means to build a stronger coupling between two like-minded hearts.  Which happens is entirely up to the couple — parents, grandparents, friends and co-workers have nothing to do with that.  Even when they meddle in the couple’s life together — it’s only the couple themselves that allow outsiders to influence them.  What happens is never the fault of the outsiders; it’s always up to the couple to make or break their own life together.  I’m rooting for this couple, and of course I’m rooting for our grand-daughter.  But the fact of the matter is that it’s their life and they have to make it work — however it’s going to work!

Thanks  for stopping by, and why not stop in tomorrow and see what’s cookin’ !


6 thoughts on “A Star Wars Wedding

    1. I had not heard of such a thing either — but I gotta say I enjoyed that wedding more than any wedding I can remember in recent history. It was a blast, it was respectful, it kept you interested and curious, and the couple were just too sweet.



      1. Peter,
        I finally got the “Motorhome ” started. Sure helps that your older brother is mechanically inclined. His warning to my wife was ” don’t let him under the hood again”. LOL I paid him off with his favorite desert, Persimmon pudding! How great is that.
        Now I can plan out next week’s trip to TN and the smoky mts.


      2. NORM!

        I am relieve to hear that the buggy is purring away again!

        You are not the only person who does not belong under a hood. I worked for a distributor for Detroit Diesel and I had to take the same engine rebuild courses that certified mechanics took. I was signed up over a year for some 6 or 7 rebuild courses. During the second one, while the class was putting the engine back together again I dropped a nut into the engine and the class had to take the entire bottom end of the engine apart to get that nut out. After that I was forbidden to touch any parts and was required to stand to the side and away from the engine as it was going back together. I really am a Klutz!

        But good news that the trip is on. I love the Smokeys and this time of year, at elevation, you might have some pretty scenery. ENJOY!



  1. I hope the kids getting married now understand that marriage is work. It means working out compromises on any differences. And there will be differences. But, it is oh so worth it!


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