Gentlemen, Start Your…Furnaces!

When it’s 2 a.m. and you hear a “whoosh” outside you know it’s getting colder!  It’s that time of the year when RV’ers begin turning on their furnaces — and for folks like me it’s the end of a continuous night’s sleep for a few months.  I’m not complaining; just stating a fact.

120273286For 35 years Peg & I lived in the same building with my parents, and between dad and I we managed a 12 family apartment building.  When part of your job is to fix leaking faucets and broken furnaces and plugged toilets you develop a sort of 6th Sense about things.  I could be lying in bed sound asleep and wake from my rest because someone turned on a faucet and left it running; or because a toilet valve failed to shut causing the toilet to keep filling and filling and filling…

I thought that in 2000 when we sold the apartments that I’d be able to forget such ingrained training and go back to life as normal.  I was completely wrong.  There.  I said it.  I was wrong. I still tune into sounds a lot of people never hear — all the while I can miss the dialogue on the TV in the same room with me!  Training makes us into whom we turn out to be.  I can still sleep with a diesel truck running in the next rest area parking spot, but a running faucet will wake me up in a trice.  Go figure!  I can sleep through all the pops and bangs of fireworks, but a quiet ‘hummmmmmm’ wakesn me.  If I’m sound asleep and fan stops (perhaps because the GFCI tripped) I wake up.

Cheek by Jowl Parking

Cheek by Jowl Parking

The disadvantage to many RV parks is that no matter how generous their lots, you’re still close enough that you hear your neighbors’ RV noises.  RV’s do have body sounds, the same way our bodies have body sounds:  RV’s have their own burps, belches, and farts.  We get used to them (some of us do) and don’t pay much attention when they are in our RV, but they can become all too noticeable when they emanate from someone else’s RV.


It’s not everywhere you can go and find sites spaced out this nicely.

This is all part of the RV lifestyle; it bothers some a lot, it bothers others not at all; it all depends on your personal makeup.

Yesterday, when I was waiting for the Burlington RV Superstore to open for the day a guy a few years my junior came up to me.  I’d seen him scoping out the RV’s for sale on the lot when we drove onto the property. He wanted to ask questions about becoming a full time RV’er and once again I was aghast as how ill prepared this guy was for the task ahead of him.  His questions clearly said that he thought he wanted to do something but hadn’t given it much consideration.  His house was already up for sale but what kind of RV he needed hadn’t even been thought about;  he was still at the point of being awed by the variety.  He was amazed when I said answered his question about how much cheaper it is to live in an RV by saying it can be cheaper but isn’t necessarily so — and that maintenance and operating costs can be high if (as he had indicated) he planned on doing a lot of traveling in the RV.  He had no idea how large a unit he needed, nor how much time he’d be spending inside vs outside the RV.  I felt for this guy; at his age I would have thought that he’d have his ducks in a row and have known what he was about.  Clearly that’s not the case and I hope he has enough trouble selling his house that he has time to figure out all those details before he plunks down money on the wrong RV.

In the meantime, it’s getting light outside.

I read yesterday that Wasps and Hornets like the aroma of Propane.  Furthermore, that they dislike the aroma of dog Flea Collars.  I think when we get back into flying insect weather I’m going to try out the RV Hack idea of putting a flea & tick collar into the area where wasps seem to like to hang out near our furnace.  Can’t hurt.

Ok — that’s it for today.  Thanks for stopping and I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat.  Why not stop by and say hi!


8 thoughts on “Gentlemen, Start Your…Furnaces!

  1. Did you ever notice how some sounds from other RVs are louder inside your rig than outside? It’s almost like the sides of the RV are like an audio speaker. Those furnaces are a prime example…I can hear them 5 sites away! 😉


    1. Jim,

      Thanks for that comment. All these years I have thought it was my imagination. I say the same thing and Peggy looks at me real strange. Now I can say, “Well, Jim Agrees with me.” 🙂


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  2. I am in a stew right now myself. Yesterday I drained the Fuel/Water separator and the bowl at the bottom didn’t fill back up, like a dummy I started the RV and ran air into the lines, before it quit. Of course now I have to get help from my older and mechanic type brother to get it going again. I still don’t know why it didn’t refill. The worst thing is I did this 1 other time. &^%$ at my self. It is sitting near the house and plugged in. But, I want to take a trip to the Smoky Mts. next week.
    I enjoy your blog and your trips down memory lane.


    1. Norm, do you have one or two fuel filters?

      This last time I had my filters changed I found out that the previous filter change (perhaps more than one) had failed to change the primary fuel filter, and had only changed out the easier to reach secondary filter. I was really ticked about that, in part because when they took off the primary there was actually a suction on the feed side because the primary was so plugged. I have routinely changed taken the coach in to have all the filters changed and oil changed every year as we routinely drive only about 5,000 – 6,000 miles per year. I will be much more careful in the future about who does my work and make sure I SEE the filters

      Good luck getting it sorted. Re-priming a diesel isn’t any fun.



  3. I like the blog. Few writers explore the softer (philosophical and humanitarian ) side of RVing as you do, and to the extent it engenders a degree of introspection toward knowing oneself, that’s probably a good thing. If I could offer only one small suggestion, it would be to identify your location–something that escaped me even after having scoured several other posts of yours. I developed the habit at the beginning of my own posts and found it useful not only to my readers–but to myself! Who knew?


    1. Mike, Not a bad suggestion, though this year we have been in only a half dozen places all year. With 3 months in FL and 5 months in Spring Valley, I feel odd constantly saying we’re here in Highland Ridge, or now, Milwaukee. Have to see if there’s a better way. — actually, after penning that much of a response I went back to my widgets and moved the Where Are We Now Graphic back onto the front page. Maybe that will help.


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