Peru in Milwaukee

Our entry step works.  Our backup cam works.  We didn’t have to stay overnight.  We didnt’ have to make a return to the dealership.  All is well in the land of cheeseheads and beer!

Seriously, our dealings with the Burlington Superstore have been very limited in the past.  And, I had heard negative comments about the quality of service from this store.  I hesitated to get service done here; but trusted my initial reactions to this dealership and went ahead with it.  Our visit last week showed the service writer willing to move things around to get us into the shop — even if just to diagnose the problem and then order parts in for the repair.  Accordingly I was a little unsure how far we’d get today; but surprise, surprise, we were all done by 1:00 and I can’t fault the apparent quality of the repair.  No adding on of unnecessary parts, no padding of the bill, just a conscientious service tech and fair pricing.  burlington-superstore

elitepackOnce we paid our bill and returned to the State Fair RV Park I took the opportunity of having our air bags completely aired up to install our new Go2. I’ve had it sitting around in the coach for 5 months, but seeing as we were using a wired DSL line from the CORPS I never had occasion to hook it up.  I have some setup work to do to get it working, but I wanted to hang it before we extended slides, dropped airbags, and all that goes along with setting up a site.  We have public WiFi here, so it’s a good chance to mess around with the technical stuff that I’m not all that good with. 🙂



Luv the fresh, vibrant colors!

After getting ourselves sorted I realized we didn’t have anything defrosted for dinner so we checked out a new(-ish) place here in West Allis.  It’s called Chef Paz and it’s Milwaukee’s first (to my knowledge) Peruvian restaurant.  Our waiter, however, isn’t from Perus;  he’s a recent migrant from Puerto Rico!  We had a nice time with him; he’s still learning commercial English but he tries really hard and we had a lovely time.  The menu is heavy on seafood, so we were both happy.  I had a rice dish with shrimp, mussels, and calamari.  Peg opted to go for a fried fish dish with boiled sweet potatoes.  We both had more than we needed and the flavors were lovely.20160927162254701   Who can complain about that!

By the time we finished our meal the rain began again.  I had thought we were supposed to be dry all day today, but I’m not sure if we’ve had an all-dry day since arriving in Milwaukee.  Maybe…. 20160927162257702

Which brings us to open space — mental open space, and physical open space. We’ve got the better part of three weeks to enjoy being near Kathryn, to  explore around a little, and to relax.  I’m looking forward to it, now that our reasons for returning have been satisfied.

While eating dinner with Mchael & Kathryn he expressed some interest in doing our flooring job.  At some point during the coming weeks I hope he’ll come over and check out what we are looking at — then we can visit Bradd & Hall as planned and make a decision whether to have them or Michael do the ultimate job. It’s not a matter of $$$$ — it’s more a matter of timing and where the job can be done.

We might also look at some other campgrounds.  I’ve been wondering whether there are any in the Spring Green area of Wisconsin.  It might be worth a couple day-trips just to investigate.

So, there you have our second Tuesday in Milwaukee.  Looking good, having fun, and optimistic about the future. Thanks for stopping, and why not stop again tomorrow and say hi!



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