We can’t stay away

Lake Michigan is a magnet.  I swear, when we’re in Milwaukee we can’t stay away from the lakefront. It’s Monday.  Start of our second week in Milwaukee, and life is good.  The Canada Geese are beginning to stage for their trip South. The lawn at Veterans Park is showing their presence.


Then again, the temps were cool this morning20160926102619698 but that didn’t deter the fisher-persons.  Our harbor always has a flock of boats out trying their good fortune, and others fishing right off the breakwater, and the pilings installed to make this parklands.  When the DNR “planted” Cohos in the lake (years and years ago) they did the poor fishermen — and I mean that literally — they gave some thought to the fact that not all fishermen could afford boats — so they planted the fish right along the shore and to this day — who knows how many generations of salmon later — there’s still really good fishing right off the shoreline.

Tomorrow we’ll pack up for a short (we hope) visit to Burlington and the Burlington Superstore.  Time for our appointment to check out the steps and the backup camera.  In preparation for the visit I went hunting for paperwork for our extended service contract.  Uh ohhhh…. Nowhere to be found. What the heck did I do with it?

I checked all the normal places and when I still had not found it I decided to put in a call to Guaranty RV — where we bought our coach.  I dug out my card for Bill Schrieber “The paperwork guy” and quite true to his name, after explaining hat I needed I had a copy of our contract in hand (via email) in about 2 minutes.  This guy is amazing; and what’s more, he is typical of every contact we have had with the dealership.  They really are one of the top 50 RV dealerships in the country. I’m sure they rank way higher than 50, but just know I’d refer anyone needing an RV or RV service to them (Junction City, OR).

We’re still chillin’. And getting reacquainted with town.  I’m struck more pointedly by the impact of our time away from large communities.  Little things I find myself chafed by.  I’m eager to move on, and yet I’m glad to be near family.  Always an unpleasant sensation wanting to be both here and gone.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat. Why not stop and see what’s happenin’?


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