Wheels and more Wheels

20160925094459679We know the temps are coming down this week, but Sunday dawned a beautiful day! And a colorful day. About 8 a.m. bikes started arriving at the State Fair Park and before we knew it there were several thousand of them. All gathering for a “Slow Ride” (not a race) by way of encouragement to the owner of a chain of bicycle stores around town. Wheel & Sprocket has been around as long as I can remember and the owner has just been diagnosed with advanced liver cancer; the ride has been hastily put together to show public support for a pillar of the community.

On a different train of thought we got our and wandered among some of our old haunts. Among them Lake Park in Milwaukee.

20160925112228687Peg had to pet the lion.  20160925112538690We got a kick out of the golfer who was more interested in his cellphone than in his putting, and of course there were numerous Pokemon pursuers — a phenomenon we had not seen before — unreal!

We mosey’d on up to Whitefish Bay — one of the metropolitan communities — where we watched high school kids painting school spirit slogans on local merchant windows (sanctioned of course) and the typical Sunday morning stroll by residents along the main street of this little town in a big community.  Lovely.  Homey.

cermaks-produceWe finished up our day of wandering by stopping at Cermak Fresh Market — the newest kid on the grocery store block in this area.  They have an exceptional produce department, extensive meat department featuring cuts that are far more typical of hispanic leanings than Milwaukee has seen for a long while, and probably the widest selection of ethnic foods of all sorts (Asian, Eastern European, European, South American).  It’s good to be back home!

The plan is still to take it easy a few more days.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat if you want. 🙂




4 thoughts on “Wheels and more Wheels

  1. “State Fair” makes my heart flutter. Sometimes myself and Tom road trip along a path of country fairs.I grew up with the Penticton Peach Festival (my mother was Queen Val Vedette of 1956- mom is second photo in second row – http://stuartbish.com/miss-penticton-royalty-1948-to-current/ ) Tom grew up in rural Alberta with the Lethbridge Fair and Rodeo. Somehow both of our childhood fair impressions meshed into a singular passion for chasing small town midways across the land. Sigh and thanks for sparking a smile. 🙂


    1. Well, wasn’t she lovely. Thanks so very much. I loved seeing that photo!

      State Fairs have been a regular thing for us. At least the one here, and your CNE Expo which we have visited about 5 times (with my parents, and with Peggy & Kathryn). They have changed incredibly. From the days when I would spend much of the visit atop various pieces of farm machinery to the days when you can barely FIND the farm machinery much less be allowed to sit upon the million dollar monstrosity! I loved the hawkers and their wares. I loved the noise and hubbub of the midways — though I never cared to do the rides or haunted houses. I used to be more intrigued by the carnies than the carnival. As a Boy Scout we had an encampment on the grounds and I spent 10 days on year counting how many times various roosters crowed. And had a brief infatuation with the Cherry Queen — who lived on Washington Island offshore from Gils Rock at the very tip of Door Country. aaaah…… State Fairs…. The smell of butter and jam in the Home Economics building. The smell of piggy poop in the livestock sheds. And of course, being in Wisconsin, the taste of fresh Cream Puffs and standing in line for 45 minutes while the largest cream puff factory in the world cranked ‘em out for a quarter a pop (in the old days) — Now I think they get $2.50 per cream puff…. sigh.



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