La La Land

Yes, indeed!  We are off duty, not working, gig-less…. My brain has ‘left the building’ along with Elvis.  Holy Moley! I’m a walking, talking, zombie!

My thought bubbles are empty.

My thought bubbles are empty.

The routine has gone, and seemingly so has my ability to function.  Although, I’m still getting emails with the Highland Ridge Daily Arrivals Report. (They’ll cancel the emails eventually I’m sure.)

Today is Friday.  Within the hour we head off to our last appointment (with G.P.).  Or at least we think it will be our last appointment this trip.  I already saw my blood-work results (I love email notifications of test results) and the areas of concern are pretty much as they have been in the past.  That means we might be ok as we are, or maybe not, it’s always an iffy thing.

Yesterday rained off and on all day.  The day before did too.  We’ve been in the 80’s since arriving and while we had beautiful sun for our arrival, we haven’t seen much of it since.  All summer long we were hearing that Milwaukee was having a semi-drought — or at least not all that much rain — well, we’ve arrived and so has the rain.  We’re already over the average for the month of September so our presence has done some good.  😉😜🤔

I had some plans for our stay here but I’ve not even consulted my list.  My body has made it clear that it intends to chill, and I’m listening to it.  We have been getting our walks; and or course talking to doctors and nurses but not much else.

Kathryn stopped by yesterday, and we’ll see them for dinner tonight. It sounds like the wedding plans for Melanie are ‘coming along’ — which means in Kathryn-speak that she would like them to be further along but it is what it is. 😊  I understand the feeling, but we feel strangely distant from this wedding.  Grandkids really are that different!  And then there is the fact that Melanie is planning a bigger wedding by far than either Peg & I had, or that Kathryn had — so the magnitudes of scale are new territory to us.  Still;  Melanie’s happy with where she is in the plans and that’s what matters. April 29 will arrive before we know it and for a change you’ll hear about Gramps trying to decide what to wear — as all of my suits and sport coats went out in our estate sale.  And how often does this RV’er wear a sport coat? I’ve gotten on for 5 years without one. 😜 But, she’s our only Grandkid so I’ll do the right thing.

We have another wedding to go to this month; that one’s on a Star Wars theme — so I have no idea what to wear to that one.  stormtroopercorpsWhere do you go to rent a Storm Trooper costume in size XX Tall?  Should be fun to see, but I’m wondering what we’ve gotten ourselves into?

We are still a little tentative on our route from Milwaukee to Los Fresnos. I reserved sites for the last three stops, but the overnights earlier on the route are up in the air. Because of our lan to stop at Elkhart  (to get a firm price from Bradd & Hall for the new flooring — we won’t make up our mind whether we’re actually going through with this until we have a reliable price) we aren’t sure how far we’ll get those first couple days. octoberrouteWe’ll make that stop on Oct 20, and stay overnight on their lot (with a 30 amp hookup). Not knowing how long we might spend there (1 hour or 6 hours) we’ll play our Southward travel by ear until we get to Hot Springs AR. We should be able to find walkin sites without too much problem at that time of year.

For the moment a few days of R & R sound like as much excitement as I want!  Thanks for stopping and I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat.  Why not stop by?



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