De-Stressed over Stress Test

It was a fairly long day but labs, stress test, and first round of doctor’s visits are over and done.  The stress test went about as I expected — though I have to say that since my last one (quite a few years ago) the process is different. And, I guess the visit went as well as I could have hoped.  There are conditions that require ongoing monitoring — and I have a couple of them.  That is what life is going to be from here on in.  Pure and Simple.

On the positive side, I’m still able to do what I want, I’m not restricted from activities I love but whether or not that changes is, in part, up to me.  Continuing my weight loss will help, and ongoing dietary restraint, will help keep me active.

We have dates for our return visit and more tests next spring.  Now we know what to plan on and that’s a good thing.
Aurora St Lukes 2

With a lot of water falling out of the sky during the day we didn’t get out for a walk but we did take a short drive to Burlington — the location of the closest full service RV dealer.  After a nice chat we have an appointment for next week to troubleshoot our steps and backup camera. Thus far, everything is falling into place for our stay.   Peggy has a test tomorrow, we visit our GP on Friday and find out the results of our bloodwork (always an interesting moment as it’s the way you find out what your body’s been doing behind your back!  Blood test results always remind me of raising children…) and barring unforeseen problems we’ll be done with doctors for this visit.

That will give us a couple weeks to decompress, to snoop around, to enjoy a few meals out (we HAVE to try the new iteration of Crawdaddies — a local favorite that closed a couple yeras ago and recently reopened in a better location), and perhaps look at a few local RV parks (not that there are any that qualify as “nearby” Milwaukee).

If we get our repair issues resolved and just relax a little I’ll be content with the results of this stay.  We get time with our daughter, we’ll stock up on supplies for the winter, and we’re comfortable here. Good, good, and good.  🙂

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be here tomorrow if you want to chat.


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