How to spend our first day of relaxation?

Do you relax instantaneously?  I don’t know about you but it takes me a few days to unwind when I’ve been doing things that aren’t me in the first place. So, it’s not surprising that Tuesday should be a little bit strange.  We were both fatigued on Monday night, and we both awoke way early.  Peggy was lucky enough to fall back asleep for a while but I was up before the birds puttering around, waiting for the rest of the world to wake up.

This is something I’ve done most of my life;  I’ve never been able to hang out in bed, and I’m not one to just lay in bed — so I get up.  I read, I work on the computer, I research routes, whatever is going on in our life at the moment.

Tuesday… Well, my body thinks it’s still supposed to be getting ready to do the Daily Arrivals Report, and it doesn’t want to relax….

Our early rising meant we had time for an early walk.  Knowing that I was going to have to do a stress test this week, I have been working all summer long on getting into better shape.  The campground at Highland Ridge is a good place because even though it’s a small campground, and I was really out of shape, there are no LEVEL roads/sections of road — it’s all gradually up or gradually down and we tried to get in our daily exercise.  That’s something I don’t want to change.

Strangely enough we didn’t see much dew when we were up there.  So, I was all the happier on our walk to stop and look at the dewy plants along the way.

I solved the problem… Ta Da! with a nap!  Followed by a trip to a decent barber.  You may not remember my trip, way back last May, to a new barbershop in River Falls. That was when I wanted to get a crewcut and ended up with something else —


I knew I wouldn’t come out looking like Brad Pitt, but this is what I was going for way back then.

20160920114243573I’m not even sure what kind of hair cut I received, but I’ve been growing my hair out all summer long to get enough length on it to fix the strange lengths from that cut job.

Today I went back to my old hair cutter;  she took her time and the final product was one I’m happy with.  After the cut we headed off to the lakefront.

The Lake Michigan lakefront has always been our favorite place in Milwaukee.  When we were looking for our last house we got as close to the high priced lakeshore as we could but it was a house we always knew we’d never retire in — just too big to maintain as we age.  Still, we spend a lot of time there — walking, meeting people, talking and thinking.

I chuckled when we went to Johnni V’s for a quick lite bite.  They have new signs on their doors.  The “Use Other Door” signs struck me as a typical Milwaukee way of looking at life:


Thanks for stopping by today, and let’s meet again tomorrow.




4 thoughts on “How to spend our first day of relaxation?

  1. I have found that there are certain people who tune in when it comes to cutting hair. When I move to a different area I seek out that tuned in person. I can usually tell who they are because they light up when they see me…and while getting to know me and my style, they play with my hair…long or short, doesn’t matter. They scrunch, and caress…their love for hair exudes from their being. Once I find them…I don’t let anyone else touch my hair. I have only found two such people in my lifetime. After years of horrible cuts during my childhood…I’m very picky.

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