It rains wherever we go 🙃


Monday morning and we were up with the sun (That being about 6:50 at the moment).  By 8:00 we were ready to leave.  We pulled into West Allis at the State Fair RV Park about 2:15 — not bad for almost 300 miles towing.

It was a beautiful day for a drive.  Light winds for most of the day — from our back, pushing us along the road towards our destination.  Light traffic for most of the trip — until we reached Madison — the traffic is always miserable (by Wisconsin standards) around Madison so that was nothing new.

By the time we set up for the month, and got dinner on the table the forecasted rain arrived and we had a nice dousing.  Funny how storms just a couple hundred miles away can be so different.  Here we get wind, which we saw little of in Spring Valley.  Here we can see the lightning coming — in the forest we were so circled in by trees that you don’t see much of anything.

I joke about it always raining where ever we go, but it really does seem that rain follows us wherever we go!20160919173316572


Since our departure from Milwaukee in April the nearest exit to the RV park has been reopened.  The construction nearby hasn’t gone away — they’ll be working hear another year reconstructing the Interstate — but at least it’s easier to get to this destination.  In the next few days we’ll find out the hard way what other exits are close; I’m sure there will be a few!


T20160919173303571uesday is a rest day — intended that way — before our spate of doctor’s visits and tests.  We’re both emotionally tired out and other than getting in a couple walks on Tuesday I intend doing not much of anything at all.

Clearly, Peggy’s getting a head start!  And that’s the way retirement should be.  Work hard if you want to, goof off if you want to, take it easy when you want to.  With the downpour outside there wasn’t anyway we were going anywhere, or doing anything… so feet up on the hassock and kick back.

Take Aways

How quickly we forget!  It’s a general statement but now that we are out of the forest it’s apropos.  Once you leave a place you realize how many little things you had gotten accustomed to — without realizing.

When we pulled onto the lot here at Wisconsin State Fair RV Park we forgot how light and bright it can be in our coach. Our host site  was in a little carved out corner of the woods and we could only see 20′ or 30′ in any direction.  The trees were tall — 50′ to 60′ — so we didn’t have much of a view to the sky, and for that matter the sun didn’t have much access to us — or to our solar panels.  When we settled in the lounge seems so bright compared to what we had gradually become accustomed.

And it was 84º here — the forest floor was always about 10º cooler than Spring Valley — being in the shade — we didn’t get to enjoy the heat of the sun on our skin.  We had heat, but it wasn’t the feeling of solar rays warming one’s epidermis! — it was just… well… heat!

I had been given INSTRUCTIONS by “she who must be obeyed” to drain our fresh water when we left Highland Ridge.  (In case you don’t remember the reference, it’s from Rumpole  of the Bailey a british sitcom from … well … let’s just say “days gone by.”)

The water there isn’t bad, but it’s not “Milwaukee water.”  And so I did (what else can one do when she who must be obeyed issues a dictum?) Seriously though, there IS a huge difference in water quality as one travels about the country and becoming accustomed to one water doesn’t mean that when you have a chance to drink something better that you don’t jump at the chance.

While I’m thinking about it I should make mention of water filters…

I routinely use two filters on our water supply.

standard cameo water filter

standard cameo water filter

The Camco high flow filter goes first, right out of the water spigot. Then there is a secondary filter that we use only for drinking water.  I like the Everpure / Pentair system.  In fact I had the other filters that came with the coach removed so that we could switch over to these because to my taste the final product is so much better (I’m sure opinions vary — it’s just my opinion.everpure-pentair-filter  Anyway… what I wanted to mention is the change frequency.  The Camco’s I change about every 4-6 months.  They say they are good for “a season” but I pay attention to the quality of the water coming out of the faucet and if there are more impurities coming out of a well, I change it out at 4 months.  If we’re working off of a metro water water supply I go longer.  This is a charcoal (in part) filter, so it’s important to run water through the filter before hooking to your water system each time you hook to a new water source.  The Everpure / Pentair filters can last a year in normal “drinking water only” use and I try to stick close to that.  However, this year I wanted to wait until we left Highland Ridge (which is a private well system) because I knew the filter takes a lot of stuff out of the water.  As a result the filter had gotten so plugged that the flow was severely reduced.  I’m not going to do that again!  I shocked myself when I saw how much faster it flows with a new filter.  It’s amazing how “Normal” can change over time; over the life of a filter;  one gradually becoming plugged and needing replacement.

Well, there you have another day of Life Unscripted.  Thanks for stopping, and why not check in again tomorrow and see what’s up.  I’ll be here!



4 thoughts on “It rains wherever we go 🙃

  1. I do remember and enjoyed Rumpole and that famous quote that I still sometimes use.

    Glad your drive went well. I get anxious when pulling back on to road for an extended trip which I’ll be doing mid October for our annual relocation to Texas. Always takes me an hour or so on the road to relax. Last year we made it down and back without mechanical issues, seemed like a first in many years.

    Thanks for the filter reminder, hope all your med tests come out great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cletus,

      Long time no hear. Good to know you’re still hanging in there.

      I must be getting older because it never used to bother me when I’d out of the driver’s seat for a while and then got back under the wheel. This time, though, it did. Not a good sign in my mind, but certainly not time to quit. After we got on the road I was just fine all over again.

      Mechanical issues are just part of the ‘beast’, though, aren’t they. That’s one reason I don’t like scheduling routes too tightly. Or arrival dates too close. If all goes well, fine, we arrive early or dawdle on the way. If they don’t we have a little leeway built in to TRY to get the problem fixed. And of course that’s no always possible. The state of RV shops is deplorable. Hard to get in, and even when you get in there’s no certainty that the shop will know how to fix what’s wrong with your unit — but of course they’ll still charge you!!!!!

      We’re hoping that we can started on our current problems this coming week — we have an appointment for Tuesday!


    1. LOL — That, my friend, is what Peggy has been going on about every time the sun comes out to play!

      Peg is loving every moment of sunlight. For us it’s a double whammy being here because we are also out of the hemmed in surroundings of the forest, so it’s a delight when we see the sun, and a delight because we CAN see the sun without all the trees. Lovely, indeed. And the campground we are considering for next summer is much more OPEN to the sky.


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