Stepping on My Steps – NOT!

I really need to be more trusting!


Once again I’ve got mechanics under my coach!  Replacing the step stepper-motor.

My parts arrived yesterday, and the shop installed them today. The disadvantage of going to a diesel shop and not an RV shop is the fact that they aren’t as familiar with the product, so in the end we found part of the problem, but didn’t fix the ultimate failure.  The old stepper motor WAS burnt out.  Alas, an additional relay is malfunctioning. In the end — or should I say the intermediate end we locked the steps in the UP position and we’re good to go until we can find a shop to service the problem.


Weldex has a LCD replacement screen for some of the old Black & White screens.  I have to tear ours apart to see if the model number is right for a simple replacement. 

Of course, at some point, I want to get our backup camera fixed. We’ll be looking for a ‘real’ RV shop in the near future.  Maybe the step and the backup camera together will amount to enough of a repair that we can use our extended service contract.

The rest of the day we greeted new campers, and did our host ‘thing.’  The forecasted rain mostly went elsewhere and our last weekend here might be one of the nicest of the season. We’re full of campers and people are having fun.  What’s better than that?20160916083714515

The cornfields are beginning to look like they’ve all been given crewcuts!  The fields are cut, except of course for a few near misses.  It always amuses me when I see 80 or so acres and there are 4 or 6 stalks of corn that were missed.  That must have been when the farmer looked away to grab his mug of coffee!

With Amish in the area the roads are visited not only by large diesel trucks but also by two horse drays.  It seems other-worldly to see pop on the back of the load and some pre-teen young-un up front driving the team.

Well, as time runs out I should be running out of words too.

Thanks for stopping, and I’ll talk with you again tomorrow.




2 thoughts on “Stepping on My Steps – NOT!

  1. You would be surprised at the inside of a modern Combine/Corn harvester. They had internet, so they can check the prices of grain and other products, A/C……and Sirus radio. Not too bad.

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    1. I bet I would be. But technology seems to be unstoppable! The interesting thing is that the more we get accustomed to it the more we demand. I wonder if I’ll be able to buy a car WITHOUT self actuating brakes by the time we finally decide to replace our CR-V in a few years. 🤔


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