Slowly Winding Down

It’s Friday morning, our last Friday morning here at Highland Ridge.  The last rush of campers;  the last long day of greeting, and repeating, and achey legs from all the ups and downs.

Yesterday passed quite uneventfully. Which wasn’t exactly what I’d been hoping for. I was expecting to get a text from St. Croix Diesel saying my stepper motor had arrived.  Had that happened I could have taken the coach over today for the install today.  No text. No install.  Grrrrrrr.


I’m wonder what this Autumn is going to look like around here.  It’s the 16th of September and some of the trees are entirely engulfed in muddy yellow with lots of black spots on the leaves — over watering?  — and a lot of leaves are down already. 

I’ll drive over there early this morning to suss out the situation. They work on Saturday, they are open till 8 p.m. tonight, and in the worst case scenario we could have them do the install on Monday, driving to Milwaukee on Tuesday.  My appointments aren’t until Wednesday and Friday.  Stay loose Peter.  Stay Loose.

Once again it’s Friday and the forecast is for rain.  We have had (probably) 2, maybe 3 weekends with dry fridays all summer long.  It has rained every weekend except two. While the mid-week campers have had lovely weather the family weekend campers have been drowned out quite often.  It’s not been too unusual to see multiple campers leaving part way through the weekend.  After all, who wants a bunch of unhappy kiddos in a tiny camper? Better, perhaps, to take them back home!

After last year’s wet and windy autumn I had been hoping for a colorful leaf season this year but up hear I’m not sure how that’s going to work out.  With all the water we’ve had there are an extraordinary number of leaves down already.  Perhaps S.E. Wisconsin will be more colorful?  We’ll see.


This week’s Wisconsin Fall Color Report.  Trempeleau County — to our SW — is already reporting 25% color. Wisconsin Tourism publishes a report weekly through the color season.

We’ve made arrangements with the rangers for our departure — so we’re all set there.

Most of our gear is already stowed away for the trip.  We’ll have a little more to do because of the off-again/on-again trips to St. Croix Diesel, but that will be minimal20160915113017501.

You know, I went to the overlook park bench yesterday.  We’re (the campground) up on a ridge a good 100 feet above the level of the lake.  There are no foot trails that descend the ridge to access the lake from here, but there is an equestrian trail.  I’ve never tried to make the trip down that grade but yesterday I took another look at it.  This photo doesn’t really do the incline justice, but it would be steeper than a 45% grade and I chickened out  — I’ll let the younger ones do that. With the earth still as wet a person would be doing well not to end up sliding down the incline instead of walking it.

I’m antsy to be leaving, I’m antsy to get our stair fixed, and I’m looking forward to whatever comes in the next few months.  After having a schedule and duties for nearly 1/2 a year it will be nice to be back to our own rhythm for a while.  Thanks for stopping and check in again tomorrow to see what’s up!



4 thoughts on “Slowly Winding Down

    1. Not by much, but technically yes.

      I have seen maps that do not include it, but the federal Driftless Initiative Map does include it.

      I’ll try including a map — not sure if this will email post.

      Driftless Area Initiative Map

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      1. It’s on the St Croix / Pierce County line about 25 miles from Hudson which is at the Wisconsin Border. You’ll see a darker line beneath the green toning — that’s US 63 and HR is just to the right of that highway about 5 miles.


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