Our Last Day Off

Wednesday was our last day off.  The sun shone brightly and the temps were brisk (54º at 6 a.m. with a high of 66º for the day).


All summer long we’ve been watching this windmill in the middle of a patch of sumac.  Up till now the sumac has been green — suddenly it’s past vermillion and the leaves are all gone!

And, one of the campers was having a picnic with 20 or so of their friends so it was a good day for us to be gone and not have to socialize!  I don’t like large groups.


The corn crop is looking fantastic here.  In this part of the country where you have trees and corn this is a pretty typical roadside view — no broad expanses of countryside — just fields of corn, more corn, and still more corn!

We’ve not spent much time along The River (i.e., the Mississippi) this year.  I was in a mood to revisit some of it’s beauty, so we started in Nelson WI by checking out a new RV park and worked our way North.

One of the delights of WI-35 are the numerous overlooks and waysides on the Wisconsin side of the river.  It’s a favorite route of motorcycle riders,  gently rolling hills, plenty of glimpses of the river and beauty, beauty, beauty.

I’m told this is how we keep the Mississippi full of water during years of drought. 20160914123233470

I’ve never had much luck encouraging Peggy to use her camera, but her cousin challeneged her to a 5 (or was it 7) day photo challenge and she’s been taking that seriously.


Somehow we we’ve hardly taken any pictures our ourselves this summer.  Not sure why.  I guess we’ve been content living in the forest and haven’t thought about it as most of the time we’ve just benen living and being ourselves. No unusual settings.  No particularly different backgrounds.  So…


I really don’t know whether we’ll do another volunteer gig or not.  We have had a lot of fun this summer.  The routine has been good for us.  There have been momentary lapses of contentment — usually about 8:30 p.m. when some late check-in stops by to ask questions answered on the kiosk outside.  But most of the time we’ve been quite happy with our gig.  The exercise — the idea that we need to get out of the coach and do our few chores — has been good.  I’d even say that on some levels the routine has been rewarding.  We’ve known what day of the week it is, for sure!  I can’t always say that when we don’t have some sort of schedule.  (That’s not a function of age — I’ve always been a bit time challenged and days of the week have never meant a lot to me.)  We have an invite to return next year — but what we’re going to do with that invite has yet to be decided.

It was nice to spend the entire summer here.  We cut our auto mileage significantly this summer.  The four months we spent in Florida we were out and about quite often.  The five months here we’ve not needed to go exploring; we were quite happy just to be here.  It will be curious to see what we do when we get to S. Texas.  Will we go back to that exploration mode?  Will we feel that having been there before the locale feels more like home or will we feel like we’re  just-visitors?

This part of Wisconsin and neighboring Minnesota are largely Scandanavian in heritage.  S.E. Wisconsin has far more Germanic and Eastern European influences.  As much as we like the ambience of this area we still find ourselves missing certain things.  Heck — I tried to find a bottle of Herbes de Provence on the grocery shelf yesterday, with no luck. We had similar difficulties finding foodstuffs we are accustomed to in S. Texas; and this year we are taking a few things along with us when we go:  Canned Corned Beef, whole bean coffee, etc.. But, we can plan in advance.  Some of the folks we met at Palmdale 2 years ago brought a lot more of their favorite foods along than we’re considering. Some of the RV parks we considered as seasonal solutions are closer to our ethnic leanings — so we’ll see how the winter affects our attitudes.

So there you have it.  Our last day off!  forever?  or just for a few months?  We’ll find out soon enough.  In the meantime, why not stop by tomorrow and see what we’re up to.




12 thoughts on “Our Last Day Off

    1. Sure do!

      It’s affectionate… we’ve spent a lot of time there. As we have during our long time in Milwaukee along The Lake. 🙂

      It’s funny that for me, large bodies of water BELONG on the East. When we have been on The Left Coast I have had great difficulties with my sense of directions because (I think) the water was on the wrong side of me. All my senses were backwards unless I could see the sun, and even then I got confused — which for me is really unusual in a geographic sense.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In West and NW Michigan, it’s referred to as The Big Lake…mostly due to the abundance of small inland lakes, which we call out by their names. The funny part of that is the multiple Bass Lakes and Long Lakes. That’s usually followed by the question, “which one?”

        Michiganders are omnidirectional, in regards to water. 🙂


      2. Similarities of names have always fascinated me. Why should there be (If I remember correctly) 4 different towns in the US with the name “Osceola” — it’s not like it’s the most common word in the English language! Some city names are repeated a dozen times around the US. Sometimes you’ll find multiple towns in the SAME STATE with the same name; people have to put their county name on mail to get it to the right location. We aren’t a very creative group — we humans. We do like repetition and familiarity.


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  1. You and Peg are the cutest couple ever! It doesn’t make a lick of difference where you wander, how long you stay or if you make one plan and settle on another. You have each other regardless of the direction, duration, expectation or implications of a life unscripted. You are a lucky man 🙂


    1. I surely know that, and give thanks for it every day.

      There are times I feel guilty that we’re so copacetic and happy! But only for an instant because guilt accomplishes nothing and we work hard at keeping what we have alive and well.


      Liked by 1 person

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