You’re not alone

23 emotions people feelI’m not going to try pronouncing any of these emotions but I’ll bet many, if not all of us, have felt a good number of them at least once or twice in a lifetime.

One of the expressions that have always troubled me is the idea that “No One Understands Me.”  And I say that because there really isn’t anything new under the sun.  Pretty much every emotion ever to have been felt has been felt over and over and over again for millennia.  We really aren’t all that unique as humans.  We may be unique as personalities, but millions of humans have felt all the things I feel, or your feel, or someone else feels — and they will do so again, and again and again.

By the time a person becomes an RV’er — or more particularly a full time RV’er — they’ve had a good many experiences.  There’s a lot to look back on after 50,60, or 70 years of experience.  I’ve never been a person to spend very much time reminiscing; I suspect that in the past 5 years since retiring I’ve done more of that than in the rest of my life combined;  some of which has been prompted by the process of writing a daily blog — producing different thoughts each day gets the brain to thinking about things that might not cross your imagination otherwise.

I guess we all have some of these emotions to which we are more prone.

  • I know I feel anecdoche… I hate it when everyone is talking and no one is listening.
  • Then again, kuebiko overcomes me when I listen to the news and hear story after story of senseless violence.
  • And I’m sure I’ve known the feeling of rubatosis a few times in my life.

I don’t know about you but I find it comforting to know that I’m not alone in the world.  It matters not that I don’t know people who feel these emotions, or who go through similar experiences. I don’t have to know who is going through something to feel a kinship, some form of human continuity.

I know there are people who are going through experiences who feel alone and trapped.  I guess I can understand the feeling.  I wish they could find what they need in the knowledge that they aren’t alone without talking with someone, but that seems not to be the case.

I know that as RV’ers we all have experiences in common.  Even with a background driving trucks and buses, the first time I got behind the wheel of our first motorhome there were a few nerves involved.  The first time we have a roadside failure/breakdown there are a different set of emotions… I remember when I had my first truck and had a breakdown on the road all I could see were $$$$$$$$ all the while the truck was in the shop.  Finding RV parks and camping sites can be stressful, specially if it’s the early evening and we don’t have a site for the night.

We are all parts of the same RV ‘fraternity’ and there are people around who can help.  All it takes is asking for help.  Sometime we have to be smart enough to listen to the first answer and ask someone else.  Not all the people willing to give their help know what they are talking about. When I was driving truck I learned quickly that asking directions sometimes got me into trouble if I took the first set of directions I received. After coming up against a few low underpasses and low weight limit bridges I learned to always get 2 sets of directions. If they agreed I’d go with them.  But if they disagreed I’d keep asking until I had a solid consensus and then move my truck.

We don’t have to alone in our experiences.  Ask.  Inquire.  Find out who has shared whatever it is that you’re going through.

And, check back again tomorrow.  I’ll be here. 😀



5 thoughts on “You’re not alone

  1. WOW…I love these words! And yes, I have felt nearly all of them. Your advise to asked people for help is spot on. Growing up my biggest downfall to accomplishing goals is that I failed to ask for help. Many years later I discovered that help was there…willing and prepared…if only I had asked. It most certainly would have opened more doors for me. No regrets…I like where I ended up but I would have enjoyed some of the benefits that came along with asking, particularly, a closer relationship with my grandparents.

    Learning to ask for help was not something that came easily. I was in my late 40s before I could do so…and I am so glad I did…I have accomplished more in ten years than in the past forty…because I asked for help…ignoring all the discomfort that came along with doing so.

    Your second point…ask twice, or more. YES!!!

    The internet is an amazing tool which allows people to access information instantly but so much information is just wrong. If one asks more than one source…person or sites, one has a better chance of getting correct information. This has proven invaluable to Rick as he works on cars…so much bad information that he would have ruined cars if he followed their advice. Fortunately sane, knowledgeable people post, too and will correct the misinformation.

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    1. “ignoring all the discomfort that came along with doing so” — Boy do I understand THAT! Not always easy asking for help. And just because you get one opinion doesn’t mean it’s the right opinion.


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