Back on the trail of acceptable RV parks

Tuesday and Wednesday were another mini-roadtrip for us.  In two days we checked out 8 RV parks and reinforced our growing perception that we aren’t going to find what we are looking for as a ‘seasonal’ park.  Aug 30It simply comes down to the fact that our tastes are not mainstream; we aren’t looking for what ‘most’ other campers seem to be searching for.

That’s OK.  It’s not as if it comes as a surprise.  We’ve always seemed to be a bit out of step with our friends and neighbors, but what we’re finding is causing me to think about different ways of organizing our time on the road.

We don’t have a plan yet, but maybe we’re getting closer to a plan. We might need to turn our mental model for retirement upside down; inverting the percentages of where we spend time.  At least so long as we have a choice about our movements and health allows.


We passed a truck full of happy bears (carved ones that is)

While we were out and about, it was a beautiful drive.  The corn fields and soybean fields are looking quite nice in this part of the country.  As one moves from the gently rolling fields of NW Wisconsin towards the Wisconsin Dells area the hills gain a little height and the spacing between the high places closes up.  In many places you lose the expansive views that we enjoy in Menomonie, St. Croix, and Pierce Counties.

Milwaukee and S.E. Wisconsin lacks the hills that both of these areas enjoy and I think I’ve become accustomed to these hills.  It wasn’t until we started scooting in and out of vallies looking for RV parks that I realized how attached I’ve gotten to the terrain where we are this summer.

While we were here we also had opportunity to take the Merrimac Ferry across the Wisconsin River

I doubt the passage takes 5 minutes; loading and unloading are completely automated with illuminated arrow signs directing you on and off the three lane ferry; and it’s free.

Tuesday night we stayed over in Wisconsin Dells — not far from the location we had our park model RV years ago. It was a nice reminiscence and reminder of just how much things change over time.  So much has moved, so many old, familiar businesses are gone, replaced by something novel, new, glossier and louder.

We have another couple RV parks to check out tomorrow.  I’m not expecting any grand revelations, but I sort of know the results of tomorrows visits already.

Thanks for stopping; I’ll be here again tomorrow — why not stop by and chat.


3 thoughts on “Back on the trail of acceptable RV parks

  1. Love the bears! It’s funny what you see as you’re traveling the roads. We once saw a guy hauling a spiral staircase on the back of his truck, like you…we too a snapshot of it.

    Free ferry’s …that’s a surprise!


    1. The Merrimac Ferry has been here a long time. Bigger and better now, than once, but still running continuously and still free. We came across a free ferry in OR too. And of course the TX State ferries are free too. We’ll take two of those on our way to S. Tex in the fall.

      I am almost tempted to put a dash cam up in the coach because Peggy doesn’t get ‘into’ taking pictures and struggles even with her smartphone camera. There are so many things I hoped and wanted to be able to shoot while we were driving and it just hasn’t happened… too often we are on roads with such narrow shoulders that I can’t pull over like I would have done in a car.


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