Directions & Signs

How much signage is enough?

When you’re driving down the street and you see those arrows painted on the ground don’t you think that’s a good idea?  I do!  I love those directional arrows!  I love them even more when I’m driving the coach — because I can see them from futher away!

What I don’t like is when they paint a single arrow on the road, just before the intersection and the first car to approach the intersection covers up the arrow so that you can no longer know what you’re supposed to do in that lane!  Specially if they paint the word ONLY further from the intersection so that you can see the word “ONLY” but cannot see the arrow showing you the only thing you’re allowed to do.

It’s not a huge deal.  But it sure would prevent a lot of lane changing in the 100 feet before a lot of intersections!  Not everyone lives in the neighborhood; visitors often find it hard to anticipate what’s supposed to be a turn only lane based on the high volume of traffic that they never see because they are just traveling through. 😏😏

I guess I’m thinking about signs because this morning we went out to make our first rounds around the campground and there were cars parked on the road. I couldn’t help wonder what they would think if an emergency vehicle came through and sideswiped their big ole monstrosity of a pickup truck? It really is amazing how many people think the world belongs to them and they don’t owe anyone else any courtesy.

Getting sideswiped by an emergency vehicle would be bad enough, but it’s more likely that they’d get sideswiped by another camper — who would be less inclined to stop and exchange insurance information. We’ve had more recent events with campers doing damage at a campground, and failing to report it.  I guess it’s a sign of the times; a sad sign. I guess I say that because I was noticing a bumpersticker on the back of one of the camper’s trucks that said, “USMC – death before dishonor.”  Yeah — people actually read those things that people put on their back window…

Weather Patterns

When I was in school we learned that it’s typical for weather patterns to set up in the spring and recur throughout the summer.  That has certainly been true this year in our location.  We started the season with rainy weekends and it has continued almost unabated all summer long.  global_circulation1The only weekend we’ve had that was rain-free was 4th of July.  Every other weekend has had significant rain.

I feel sorry for the family camper who has to fit camping into a busy work week because this summer has been awfully soggy for those who are accustomed to a Wisconsin summer.  And the folks who have made out like bandits this year have been the retirees who come camping midweek!  Yay — there’s something good about being retired, other than just getting older. 😀

Lost & Found

lost and foundIt saddens me when we find valuable property left behind by campers.  This morning early one of the campers beat us to it — by bringing a pair of expensive work boots to our door — found by them near an empty tent site.  I doubt that the boots belonged to the people who had been in that site — we already checkd that site out yesterday after the campers’ early departure, but several rigs have left this morning and late last night (because of the rain) and the boots could have fallen off a rig onto the ground where the they were found and have had nothing to do with that site.

It’s good to see others wanting to be helpful and valuing someone else’s belongings.  It doesn’t pay to hurry out of the park just because the weather’s bad.  I know I have done it myself, tired of the rain and eager to get dry again, but haste so often makes waste.  We don’t take the time to follow our normal routine, we rush to take shortcuts and in the end we end up doing damage, or forgetting something, or just making mistakes.  Sad, but human.

Well, that’s it for another day.  We are a little more than 2 weeks away from leaving Highland Ridge (based on the date this will publish, not the date I’m writing it); definitely short timers now. Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat.


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