An Oasis in Stillwater

We had another day off! 🙂 Wednesday dawned with clouds and gloom so after our morning rounds we went off in search of 1.) food & 2.) sunshine.  We found the food.  The sunshine, not so much.

Oasis Cafe 2

The Oasis Cafe, here since the latter half of the 1950’s was a real treat.

Hudson, Menomonie, and River Falls aren’t all that great for breakfast stops that we haven’t already tried, so we went further afield — the food was just an excuse — for a short road trip. I found The Oasis Cafe on Trip Advisor and thought we’d give it a try and am I glad we did.

With me on a diet my menus of late have been a tad bit routine so on the way over I mentioned to Peg that I was looking for something a bit out of the ordinary.  Little did I realize how great a choice this would prove to be.
Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 3.30.42 PMWith items on the menu like curried eggs and candied jalapeno cornbread with chili con carne and eggs this was a tasty  choice.  The service was great, the meal came out quickly, it was hot and tasty and just right.

Afterwards we took a little drive on an overcast day and arrived back at the campground just in to see the rangers installing new fire rings and a new picnic table.  I’m glad someone works on our days off. 🙂

Have a great day and thanks for stopping.  I’ll be here again tomorrow if you want to chat.


6 thoughts on “An Oasis in Stillwater

    1. Ya know, Jim, I never used to eat breakfast. I used to get up between 4:30 and 5:00; work all day long on coffee, and then cook supper for Peggy about 4:30 and be just fine with that. But I’m appreciating breffast more and more the older I get. It needn’t be fancy, a lot of times I’m good with a bagel and a schmear — which I learned is not an expression understood by today’s Midwestern youth!!!!!!!!

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  1. I love your photo of the exterior of the restaurant. Very nice! You know, it seems that diners are making a comeback? We have a local group of diners under the same name… same menu… but still just good ol’ basic diner food that’s really good… almost everythng homemade… desserts, cakes, pies, rolls. One of them is now our favorite place to dine out right now. Their Mexican food is actually better than many of the specialty restaurants at a better price. I’m glad to see diners making a comeback. Brings back lots of fond memories growing up. We also just finished a month of fresh roasted Hatch chiles pretty much everywhere in town. I had to indulge in the Hatch chile cornbread… so good! Glad you found a little treasure on your day off.


    1. Dave, In my book there’s good reason for diners to make a comeback. I think they got started in bad times and they featured what people wanted: good food. For a lot of folks times haven’t gotten much better than during the worst of the last economic burp so the need for affordable food is still there but it’s good to see people moving away from food gimmicks and fads. Good food never goes out of style. On TV you’ll see lots of chefs cooking pork belly and a lot of those sort of things that most of us never see on menus — in fact, just a week ago I saw my first ever restaurant menu with “pork belly” on the menu — What’s the matter with good old fashioned everyday menu items that might be old fashioned but still just as tasty as every.

      I know about Hatch chiles. luck guy! 🙂



  2. Yum.I’ve never been a breakfast person but you had me at cornbread and curry. Pork belly makes me sigh with a tinge of guilt. In my world of high end catered events, pork belly fortifies everything from sliders to one bite morsels.

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    1. Me too… not being a breakfast person. Most of my life I lived on coffee from 4:30-5:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. when I made my wife dinner. I couldn’t even look at food before noon. But since retirement we have sort of settled into a 2 meal/day routine. And that has worked well for us — specially when we have a gig — having our meals slightly skewed from everyone else works well.
      I sure see a lot of TV talk about pork belly. But then I like The Pig in pretty much every form.


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