Signs of Autumn


This poor guy is having problems this summer

This time of year the earth begins giving off signs that summer is rapidly coming to an end.  The air changes.  The grasses change color.  The flowers droop more noticeably.  And, yes, leaves start falling.

Our site here has been showing signs of autumn for a while already — but that is largely the ‘fault’ of a single maple which seems to be stressed. The base of this tree is surrounded by gravel brought in to create the Host site and I think that this one particular tree has grown to the point that the new, higher, soil line is stressing it out resulting in leaf drop and color changes.

That said, there are more and more colored leaves showing up on the ground each day.  The sumacs started showing small branches of vermillion leaves a few weeks ago, but they have stopped at that point and haven’t progressed in color at all since.  20160823074733357There are only a few individual trees (aside from our one struggler) that are showing and degree of color but I’m hoping that this year the Autumn season lasts longer than it did last year.

The Autumn of ’15 was particularly drab.  We had a lot of rain in Sept/October after a dry summer and the leaves mostly went from green to brown and fell off in the rain in short order.  I’m hoping this autumn will be a little more colorful!20160823114350362

Every year I feel as if late August is a special time to sit outside and enjoy the breeze.  We start hearing the Cicadas — I guess that’s what they are, whether or not it’s been 17 years we always seem to hear some of them.  We had a short bout of songs a couple weeks ago and now they have ceased.  The birds are still the same birds we have had all summer long, but it seems the numbers of them are already slightly lower than they had been.   Our hummingbirds are still numerous — and campers still stop to watch them at our feeders but I think their numbers are on the decline already as well.  The campground is still booked solidly on the weekends, but the last two weeks we have seen a slight decline in the number of mid week guests, so even through-traffic tells us that our time here is drawing to an end.

20160823114454363Which means that those days that are clear and bright and sunny enough to sit out and enjoy the evening breezes are all the more special.  Fewer interruptions.  Still the steady hum of forest noises and critter sounds.  The sun a little lower on the horizon — which means that in early evening the sun is back to shinining in my eyes if we sit in our usual spot alongside the coach.

It’s an easy time.  Do you know what I mean by an easy time.  I felt this way when we first arrived too.  Then it was the satisfaction of returning to a familiar, loved place.  This time of year it’s not exactly melancholia at knowing we’ll soon be leaving — I rather think that it’s satisfaction that it’s been a good summer without any serious problems and with a lot of good experiences, memories and new friends.

Thanks for stopping.  Today is just a day to count our blessings.  To say thank you to the Kosmos.  To say a prayer of contentment.

Thanks for sharing that with me.  It’s important to me to be thankful.  I hate taking things for granted, and I try to remember each day how fortunate we are to live the life we do.

I’ll be here again tomorrow.  Why not stop by and say hi!20160823072907355


4 thoughts on “Signs of Autumn

    1. I hear ya! People used to ask me what my “favorite” this or that might be and they would always look at me strangely when I said I don’t do favorites. But the fact of the matter is that aside from winter which I hate in every form, I love all the other seasons, each for their own reason. Or at least that was true when we lived in one place and had more-or-less even shares of each. (living where we do, the seasons are pretty evenly distributed except for the periodic late summer)
      Frost for us in MKE is often October too. Can’t remember it ever waiting till November. But the state parks turn off their water at the end of September — even the ones in the Southern part of the state.
      I’m hoping this will be a more typical color year. Last year we got cheated.
      I love that harvest photo of your hubs…. that is special.

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