The one thing that bothers me most about RV’ing

no electricityThere isn’t a lot about RV’ing that I find annoying or irritating, but I guess if I was forced to name the single most irritating / annoying factor it would be dealing with electric failures.

I suppose that in part it’s because electricity has always scared me.  I remember the stupidest thing I ever did, the year we got married.  Our little cottage in Chicago had almost no wall outlets and I was making an extension cord  from two plugs and a length of wire.  In the mid 60’s there weren’t premade cords in every length imaginable, so I had gone out to the store and bought all the parts I needed.  I was steadfastly engrossed in attaching the two plugs to the wire and I had plugged in one end to measure out how much of the cord I needed to reach the place I where I wanted the plug.  Without thinking I used my wife’s scissors (I know, wrong tool! But I was young and foolish and stupid, what can I say )  and I cut the cord to lenth — with the other end plugged into the power.


Not only did I get a good shock, there was enough juice running through that cord that I actually CUT a 1/8″ hole in the blade of the scissors — like you’d do with a cutting torch.

When my heart stopped palpitating and I realized I’d nearly killed myself I unplugged the cord and took a long deep breath. Ever since then I’ve been only too aware of the dangers and look with trepidation at any kind of electrical projects.  I have learned a lot since then, but knowledge doesn’t trump a powerful ZAP and I doubt I’ll ever lose my fear/respect for electricity.

Last night we had another storm come through — I have no idea how much rain we got — I haven’t been out to the golf cart yet to measure the rain in our 5 gallong buckets — but it rained for about 5 hours. About midnight the alarm went off on my battery backup to tell me that the power was out yet again. I’d guess and say that it’s about the 10th or 11th time we’ve lost power this summer.  We’re out in the boonies, it’s been a stormy season, and even with house batteries and a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for my delicate electronics it’s still annoying to have to deal with power interruptions.

The problem has been more noticeable here than in any other campground we’ve been in.  In an entire 10 months along the coast of Oregon we might have had 4 outages.  Of course during that time we also had a severe case of unbalanced power — with the two legs of our 240V  power box being 25% off — how we managed not to burn something out during that time I don’t know.  Then we have been in other places and we haven’t had nearly as many power outages but it’s still a bother.  And given my nature, I do tend to fuss and fret during the outage.  It’s just a character flaw.

My annoyance isn’t enough to make me stop RV’ing.  It’s not even enough to get me really upset, but if I had to name the ONE thing that bothers me most about this lifestyle it’s dealing with electricity.

Doesn’t the place you live have something about it that annoys you?  I’ve always said there’s no such place as UTOPIA!  Every place on the map has advantages and disadvantages.  Sometimes we hear news stories about people living in hurricane, or tornado, or flooding prone areas and I say to myself, “Why do people stay there.”  I can see moving there.  Jobs and such.  But once you know that a place is prone to certain hazards why stay?  Of course, many people have no choice; others choose to ignore the hazards because they love the place that much — or the people living in the place. I can understand that too.

And so it is that we stay here.  We love the place.  The annoyances are minimal compared to some other places we’ve been. Except…. there’s this thing with the electricity…. 😬😬

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4 thoughts on “The one thing that bothers me most about RV’ing

  1. Sorry you’ve had so many outages this summer, but at least you love that place. That helps a lot, I’m sure. On our very first “official” trip in our first RV after Thanksgiving in 2011, we experienced a massive power outage at Palo Duro Canyon State Park on our second night in the park. A big cold front blew through overnight and downed some power lines between the park and the nearby town of Canyon. Everything in the entire park was off, including electricity at the park office and park residences. The wind was estimated at 60-70 mph where the lines blew down at the top of the canyon, too. Tent campers in our campground were scrambling, since it was also pouring rain overnight. Power never came back on, and we left the next morning for home. All I can say is how grateful we were to have been in an RV and not our tent on that trip. We fired up the generator and were good until we were able to pack up our outside things and head home. We realized how great RVs are right at that moment, too! We have often wondered how big a problem power is overall in campgrounds as we continue to talk about full-timing at some point in the future, though.

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    1. People always need to remember that just because I comment on things, and even say I don’t like them doesn’t mean that I dwell on them. It’s an hour’s exercise in writing, not a lifelong misery!
      You’re right about loving it here. So, the inconveniences are minimal — except maybe for ‘splaining to campers what’s going on!!!!!!!
      The solar panels and genset make everything easy and it’s not really all that bad even when nothing is working on the grid.
      We have seen power problems in a few campgrounds, but it’s often a function of how remote they are — the more remote the more iffy the power grid that supports them it would seem.


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