Observe or Explore

The past few months have been distinctly different here at my blog.  For two folks who like to check out our surroundings for interesting places our obligations

explore and observe

Explorer? or Observer?

to be present in the campground even if we aren’t actively doing much of anything have kept us in a more observation oriented role than actively exploring the area.

With campers coming in and going out it’s been a lot easier to talk about what we’ve seen in front of us, than it has been to return to places we’ve seen on other visits here, and in most cases have already blogged about.

As a blogger I think it’s easier and more fun to write about one’s explorations. It’s easy to travel and see new things — who doesn’t get excited about seeing new things — after which it’s easy to stay enthused about what you saw while you write it all down.

But the reality of my own brain is that I need to sit and write some time during the day.  I may not write prize winning product, but writing keeps me sane; the process of keyboarding the day, or a day’s worth of meandering thoughts, provides a sense of balance that overrides the ups and downs of any given day.

The fact is that life is fun and life is exciting; it is, it can be, and it should be. The only way it stops being exciting is when we stop paying attention, and when we give up our zest for life. I know 20-somethings who think that being married to the same person for any length of time must be boring and tedious; but after 48 years with the same woman I still find it fun and surprising and exciting to be married to the same person.  Neither of us is all that unique — anyone can do what we do — if they want it enough and if they are willing to step out of themselves enough to make life exciting for their partner.  Who in turn is doing the same.

If I think back over the summer and all the blogs I’ve written,  I can honestly say that everyone I’ve written about has found a place in this blog because I recognize in them something of myself.  Even those examples that might come across as “bad examples” bear some reflection of myself.  There is nothing new under the sun; the things you and I experience we share with more other humans than we can possibly imagine — and all the whining and whinging about “nobody understand me” is a crock.  A lot of people share everything we go through in a variety of ways — in order to find our commonality with others we have to have contact with them; we have to rub shoulders with them; we have to share and annoy and inspire them because they are US.

I love hyperbole: exaggeration for effect.  It’s hard for me to think of a figure of speech that can be more effective in making a person’s point. I know I ‘throw’ people from time to time because they think I’m being literal.  Alas, I trust in my reader to realize that I’m rarely writing just about what the words mean. There’s always more there for those who look — no matter whether I seem to be sharing a story about someone I met that day, or blogging about the trials and tribulations of RV’ing, or venting about something going on in the world today.  Life is not all that obvious;  People are not all that obvious; Why assume the lowest common denominator when passing through life when there’s so much more to be absorbed and enjoyed.

It won’t be long and we’ll be on the move again.  I’m looking forward to having new places and new experiences to share.  But I’m not bored with where we’ve been either.  Life is fun, life is exciting.  Live it to the full. there is always a way

Thanks for stopping by, let’s chat again tomorrow.


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