Half Way There

The small town of Colfax has an interesting claim to fame.  You won’t see a 45th Parallel sign here but you will see a mileage marker.


3186 miles to the North Pole, and 3186 miles to the Equator.  I can’t say if the North Pole marker is to the “real” North Pole or the “magnetic” North Pole, but there you have it.  The fun and games people in Northern Wisconsin come up with to keep themselves amused during those long winter nights!

It was our second day off for the week.  We checked out three nearby RV parks — if 70 miles away is near.  Only one out of the three is a place we might have chosen to spend a few nights, but that’s how you find out for sure — go check ’em out!

And that’s it for today.  This time in the summer and it’s nice not to spend too much time on the keyboard every day. I’ll be wishing it was summer all over again soon enough.  Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Half Way There

  1. My Dave says there’s a marker at the north end of Theodore Wirth park in Mpls that reads 45.00°. Our living room is at 45.02°. That may explain why I so often feel I am stuck in the middle of things?


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