Uncle Billy

Meet Uncle Billy!  He’s 80 years old — his birthday was last Friday.  He’s probably the most vibrant 80 year old I’ve come across in the past few years.  This guy is a hoot. 20160816092505332

He has his health problems.  He’s really not in very good shape but he’s out here having fun with his nephew. It might be his final family trip. They are on a cross country journey from Florida to Oregon, taking a 5900 mile route to cover the 3200 mile distance.

When Uncle Billy’s landlord told him the property he was living on was be converted into grazing land Billy decided he’d had enough of Southern racism during his 40 years of living down South and he wanted to move to Oregon.  His nephew volunteered to make this end-of-life trip and they are having a blast.

With a AC converter in their little Volvo they have all the power they need for their basic lifestyle, a two burner stove keeps them in rations, and they’re stopping to see as many of Billy’s lifelong friends as they can find.

We regaled each other with tales,  laughed till we were nearly blue in the face and finally wished them on their way.  I hope I’m still as much fun as ‘Uncle Billy’ when I’m 80!

That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping and I’ll be here again tomorrow.  Stop by and see what’s up!


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