No Wake

Our Tuesday off was a good chance to pick up some supplies from the Twin Cities.  We made it through three months without making a single trip into the Big City, and now we’ve been there three times in as many weeks.  Go Figure.img_3203

The spur for today’s post is a simple sign.  I noticed it as we traversed a bridge over the Interstate Highway.

no-wake-zoneMost of us have seen the typical No Wake sign, they are to be found in marinas around the nation.  But this No Wake sign is unique as it’s a reminder to snow plows not to plow so fast that they expell snow off the bridge and onto the Interstate below.

Have you ever been on the highway and had your vehicle pelted with snow from a plow on the bridge overhead?  I have and I have to tell you it was S-C-A-R-Y!  And the idea that there’s a reminder for the plow drivers to be  careful of the traffic on the lower level is absolutely brilliant!




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