Greener Grass

One of the fun things about volunteering at federal properties is you get to know the staff, and getting to know the staff you get get a clearer view of how our government works.  We get plenty of opportunities to just chat with our rangers here, you get to know about their lives, their hopes & ambitions, the agency they work for, their insight into the world, etc..

HIGHLAND RIDGE CAMPGROUNDI mentioned some weeks ago that one of our rangers has been interested in a transfer to another location and we had opportunity to chat about that recently.  This is a really good employee; the hardest working of the non-management staff; and a smart, motivated individual.  The position this ranger is interested in was opened up by someone who just transferred to a project in central Minnesota.  Now that the transferred worker has been at his new position for a few months he wants to return to his old position —evidently he doesn’t like central Minnesota.  So our ranger’s interest is up in the air because it’s no longer certain whether the position he showed an interest in is still open.

20160526102115280I mention this because our local ranger has been talking to other CORPS employees and he’s discovered that there are a lot of people who have been trying to get into just the position that he currently has — and as it often happens — he’s wondering whether the grass really is greener elsewhere or whether he’s looking to leave a better position than any one he might find.  It’s the typical problem of young workers.  They want to get ahead, but they don’t know everything about everything and there’s room for a few mis-steps and a few doubted decisions.

Personally, I was interested to hear that the park manager has sort of a waiting list of people who would like to re-post to this location.  There’s no secret about the fact that Peggy and I really like this campground.  And most of the campers here find it to be a special place — which is to be understood to be: unique.  Not everyone will like the heavy tree cover.  Not everyone will like the thickness of the forest, or the fact that this is a more-than-mature forest.  But for those who find those things special it’s a very desirable campground and it’s interesting to hear that the employees and staffers who have had occasion to be here share the same view.

I don’t know whether our local ranger is going to decide he’s happy here and pull back on applying for other positions.  It’s none of our business and we certainly would wish him well no matter where he goes.  I sympathize with the self-doubts and the ponders about whether it’s smart to leave a place where others are trying to get into.  There have been RV destinations that have been like that for us.  We still have locations that we’d like to visit but sometimes the timing’s off for the location or for us.  We’ll get to some of them yet, I’m sure.  But there are also times when as RV’ers we wonder why we think we need to go off and find something new when we have already found something wonderful.  It’s a challenge for RV’ers to know which to favor.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat. How about you?


7 thoughts on “Greener Grass

  1. Sounds like a terrific park to me! I remember those days though I got over them pretty early. For the most part, I knew where I needed to be. Sometimes it wasn’t necessarily where I wanted to be…but NEEDED to be. Green grass never entered the computation.


    1. I know just what you mean about not entering the computation. We moved several times and never were the moves about getting a better job or getting ahead in the world. We always moved because of people and what our and their needs might be.



      1. Working where you were needed, rather than how can I get ahead…the viewpoint. One is more social directed the other more individually.


      2. OK — I thought that might have been what you meant but putting it in a social context threw me.

        I don’t know. I know a few others who did similar, and certainly Peace Corps volunteers did it, but they were hardly the “majority”

        I have never regretted any of our moves — not even when it turned out that my ‘read’ of situation was wrong and we ended up moving to “do” something that never happened. Each time order came out of disorder and we were blessed by the act if not by the result. I think you’ll know what I mean by that.



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